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The AAL Forum 2019 is now just one month away, and today we will be giving you another taster of some of the interactive workshops that will be taking place over the course of the event.

As the format of the AAL Forum has evolved over the last decade, its emphasis on interactivity has increased. The workshops that are held each year represent the pinnacle of this focus on sharing knowledge, best practice and experiences, and this year’s selection of sessions promises to be one of the best we’ve ever put together.

Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing you to some of the workshops that we have organised for the AAL Forum 2019, which have been grouped together according to theme. This week we are taking a look at the last set of workshops that address our fifth theme, “Seniors at the workplace – Can digital retain our precious silver workforce?”, as well as the sixth open theme, which covers topics that don’t quite fit in anywhere else!

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Engaging the new old

Tuesday 24 September


Many ageing boomers do not like to be called seniors. As a pioneer generation, they wish to emancipate themselves from the conventional age culture of earlier generations. Come to this workshop to learn more about their motivations, their needs and their potential for valuable contributions today.

The proportion of older people in the European population is increasing enormously fast. If we do not succeed in raising the participation factor of this target group at the same pace, the demographic burden and costs for younger generations will become unbearable.

This workshop will convey a new view on the potential of the next age generation, away from the old liability view and towards a new asset perspective. With 90 minutes of inspiration to benefit from this transformation – to engage citizens for cities, to involve employees for companies and to commit participants for ICT projects.

Assistive systems empowering seniors in the workplace: Challenges and potentials 

Tuesday 24 September


The European population is ageing, and it is inevitable that citizens will remain in their work environments for a longer period. However, these environments are complex systems whereby technology, interior and exterior design, ergonomics as well as user perception (behavioural and emotional) can either hinder or empower the silver workforce.

This is a collaborative workshop looking to discuss and answer the question: How can we co-design digital solutions and assistive systems that empower seniors in the workplace? Participants will be asked to think about how, when and where digital solutions can be used in the workplace.

The importance of creating shared value through integrated business models in the healthcare economy

Tuesday 24 September


Today, patient needs are at the very core of every health innovation. It is imperative that innovation in the health sector is focused on the end user. At the same time, we see the need for smart collaboration between providers aiming at delivering more effective and efficient care. Integrated care is becoming a craze in the health sector and pushes actors to increasingly coordinate and align their services, processes and client interactions.

To respond to these needs, traditional innovation processes have shifted from isolated, closed models to collaborative and open innovation models. Consequently, healthcare entrepreneurs must increase their collaborative efforts to bundle and combine services and products in order to create the desired impact. This is certainly true as integrated care has enhanced the dominant business model in health from a fee-for-service one, in which providers are paid based on the amount of healthcare services they deliver, to a more value-based model. The ‘value’ in value-based healthcare is derived from measuring health outcomes against the cost of delivering these outcomes. These challenges require a new approach, with new business models and partnerships with a patient-centered approach.

In this workshop we will talk about the “why” of new integrated business models with shared value.

After this, we will explain how to start new business models through a practical case, and the methodology shared value through integrated business models will be explained. This will be followed by a demonstration through the online tool.

What are robots doing here?

Tuesday 24 September


Robots are inevitable in the future services we provide for citizens, but what does this mean? This workshop will question the effects that robots have on citizens and professionals as they enter many service areas. We will invite participants to experience meeting a robot and reflect upon their own feelings toward this object which is in place to interact with humans.

The Centre for Supported Housing and the Centre for Assisted Living Facilities in Aarhus have collaborated to develop the Cognitive Training with Robot project, to examine whether citizens with mental health issues can profit from targeted cognitive training. Many who suffer from mental health issues have varying cognitive challenges, either caused by their illness or long-term use of pharmaceuticals.

The workshop will initiate this reflection on robots with Louise Hansen, project manager, presenting its results. Post-doc Søren Tranberg will then demonstrate a robot and present on the interactions between humans and robots before coming together with participants for a concluding discussion.