September 2017

Download the “Coimbra City Tour” app

To help you explore Coimbra to its full potential, the AAL Forum 2017 recommends downloading the app ‘Coimbra City Tour’, and invites you to discover the city. The easy-to-use app is provided by the Central Portuguese tourism board and transforms your smartphone or tablet into a tailor-made, customisable audio tour. Simply add your available times and interests into the app, and the guide will create a route to match your requirements. It will work easily around any spare minutes you have outside of the AAL Forum and will offer the best options available to you, taking into consideration opening and closing times of monuments and where you wish to begin and end your tour. If you are worried about revisiting...
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World Renowned Coimbra Band to Perform at AAL Forum

AAL have confirmed the chart-hitting band Anaquim, will be headlining the AAL Forum 2017 at the closing party on Wednesday 4th October. Founded in 2006, Anaquim is a Portuguese five-man band that mixes musical traditions with international pop/rock patterns. The band from Coimbra combines folklore and fado with more main-stream lively acoustic indie rock to create a genre that resonates with fans around the world. Drawing upon influences from many famous Portuguese traditional poets and musicians such as Zeca Afonso, as well as echoing French music and culture, Anaquim has received accolades from home to Hungary, Namibia and South Africa. Their first album, “As vidas dos Outros” (“Other people’s lives”) reached the top 12 in the Portuguese top-seller charts whilst...
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Lambert van Nistelrooij: Let the Stars Shine

Lambert van Nistelrooij, Member of European Parliament and co-chair of the Intergroup on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Solidarity and Family Policies, will be speaking at the AAL Forum 2017 and will provide an insight into the role the Internet of Things plays in the future success of active and assisted living, and the opportunities from society’s innovative ideas. With an expansive career spanning social geography and demography, Lambert will bring an abundance of knowledge on society, the ageing population, and innovation to the forum. As the life-expectancy of people has continued to rise, and the number of sufferers of such conditions as dementia also increases, there has been a constant progression of innovative solutions, projects and programmes to tackle these problems –...
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Experience a Tour of Coimbra

AAL Forum participants have the chance to win a free evening city bus tour of Coimbra. The forum is offering a lucky 98 participants the opportunity to see the sights of Coimbra at night. The two bus tours will meander through the city with a local tour-guide who will provide detailed descriptions of some of the city’s most beautiful attractions and architecture, as well as the fascinating history behind it all, as you enjoy the sights in the warm summer evening. The first 49 registered applicants will enjoy the tour for free, whilst the other 49 spaces will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. To register, simply fill out the form before the 29th September – the sooner you register the...
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Matchmaking: meet the right people at the AAL Forum

This AAL Forum 2017 will feature a matchmaking event which helps organise informal meetings between participants. The event brings together potential business and cooperation partners to talk about their work and strike up real collaborations across borders.

Enjoy Free Golf Lessons in Coimbra

Taking place on Tuesday 3rd October and Thursday 5th October, AAL participants can enjoy complementary golf lessons at Coimbra’s world class Quinta das Lágrimas’ golf club. Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Course is one of the oldest courses in Portugal where several national and international tournaments take place, and will be the venue of the renowned Portuguese Open Pitch & Putt tournament in October 2017. The Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Academy was founded in 1999 as an investment by the Quinta das Lágrimas group and with support from João Lagos Sport as a way to add social value to the city and diversify sports activities for the community. The golf lessons are available to anyone of any golfing ability to let...
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Sonia Martinez Arca – Keynote Speaker

Sonia Martinez Arca will be attending the AAL Forum 2017 as a keynote speaker in plenary one and will be bringing with her years of experience working in the Galician Health Ministry, Spain, as a regional innovation expert. We talk with Sonia about how public administration can foster the development and the implementation of innovative solutions using public procurement of innovation in regional healthcare systems.  Having had an extensive research career, PhD, and profession as a pharmacist, Sonia moved away from ‘bench’ science into work that was more applied to the real world. Spanning almost 10 years, Sonia has a lot of expertise in the field of science innovation and management that she was able to bring to the regional...
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Take a stand at the AAL Forum

Take a stand at the AAL Forum The AAL Forum offers companies and projects the perfect opportunity to make a huge impact in the world of active ageing – and this year more than ever. Spaces at the 2017 Forum, which takes place in Coimbra, Portugal, from October 2-4, are still available from €840 for AAL projects and €1,250 for others. That’s tremendous value for money, giving you: Prime exhibition space Access to all networking opportunities that take place over three days Access to up to 30 interactive workshops, where you will be able to get involved and highlight relevant work you are doing across a number of important sectors to relevant people The chance to enter the Exhibitor Prize –...
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Sacha Nauta: Defining a new stage of life

Defining a new stage of life Sacha Nauta, The Economist’s finance editor, is delivering the opening keynote address at the AAL Forum 2017, which will provide a fascinating insight into the economics of ageing, and the opportunities that exist if we begin to shift expectations of life as an older person. The following is an extract from a special interview we conducted with Sacha, in which she outlines some of the topics she will be covering in her gripping talk in Coimbra. “Defining a new stage of life,” says Sacha Nauta “might sound arbitrary but it can genuinely help create a shift in expectations of life as an older person. “If you look up ‘old’ in the dictionary, you will...
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Schist Village: Flavours from Centro de Portugal

This year, the AAL Forum is offering participants the mouth-watering opportunity to taste the wine and cuisine from the Centro de Portugal region at the forum’s very own Schist Village. Did you know? Rabaçal’s cheese originates in the area of Penela. Its taste and aroma is unique due to Penela’s pastures being rich in thyme. Curiosities like these will all be brought to life at the Schist Village where presentations, tastings and hands-on practicals will be waiting to be savoured and experienced for a real slice of Portugal. Centro de Portugal is renowned for its exquisite food, combining flavours from the sea with those from the mountains. Fresh seafood, juicy sun-ripened fruits, free-range forest pork and meadow grazing lamb are just a...
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