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Schist Village: Flavours from Centro de Portugal

This year, the AAL Forum is offering participants the mouth-watering opportunity to taste the wine and cuisine from the Centro de Portugal region at the forum’s very own Schist Village.

Did you know?
Rabaçal’s cheese originates in the area of Penela. Its taste and aroma is unique due to Penela’s pastures being rich in thyme.

Curiosities like these will all be brought to life at the Schist Village where presentations, tastings and hands-on practicals will be waiting to be savoured and experienced for a real slice of Portugal.

Centro de Portugal is renowned for its exquisite food, combining flavours from the sea with those from the mountains. Fresh seafood, juicy sun-ripened fruits, free-range forest pork and meadow grazing lamb are just a handful of the region’s headlining ingredients. Add the secrets of a homemade Portuguese recipe and you’ve got a cuisine that is both charming and unique.

On 3rd October, the Schist Village will be opening in the catering room to the AAL Forum to share some of these delicacies that have come from the schist villages that are nestled between the mountain slopes of central Portugal. Schist villages are some of Portugal’s best kept secrets, full of charm and tradition.

From wines and liqueurs, breads, sausages, pungent cheeses and naughty sweets, there will be an abundance of different tasting experiences, each thoroughly explained and detailed so that you can go away with top-tips and digestible recipes.

Promoted by the Rede das Aldeias do Xisto, the Schist Village promises to show off the best of its gastronomic heritage, revealing the most appealing flavours of the region. For a small country, Portugal has an exceptional amount of food and drink grown and lovingly created locally, and this is what will be available to you at this year’s forum.

From 5:30pm on 3rd October, the Schist Village will open as part of AAL Forum’s main programme. Come down to the catering hall and get your hands dirty tasting the most delicious nibbles and tipples from Centro de Portugal.

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