May 2018

HACKATHON: Hack4Elder advantAGE – Save The Dates: 22-23 September!

On September 22 and 23, the University of Deusto organizes this international event in Biscay, at the Euskalduna Conference Center (Bilbao) The weekend before the AAL Forum 2018 starts, a Hackathon Hack4Elder advantAGE, organized by the University of Deusto, will take place. This event is aimed at both national and international participants. The AAL hackathon invites you to bring your team or to register alone to be conformed into a participating group in need of your expertise to step up to the challenge. Come to work on developing technological and/or non-technological solutions, services, new economic models, and/or new pathways that may help the elderly release their full potential and added value in society in a creative, interdisciplinary and intergenerational environment....
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