Big news in sight for AAL Forum – new dates for an all-digital version

This past year has put a strain on our lives and questioned established habits – the global health crisis has jeopardised every face-to-face event planned for this period – but it was also an opportunity to give a boost to embrace the digital revolution. The first reflection of this new approach is our decision to move the AAL Forum 2021 entirely online to ensure everyone’s safety. It will take place officially between 18 and 20 October, as the main event of the II edition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA), from 18 to 22 October. The first edition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing, organized by the AAL Programme jointly with the EIPA AHA...
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Join for AAL Info Day 2021 in January!

Are you interested in developing a solution for ageing well in a digital world and getting funded by the AAL Programme? The event will be taking place along two days (27-28 January 2021). The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of the call text, while the second one will be dedicated to the project ideas pitching and the networking. REMEMBER: if you want to attend both days you will have to register to two separated events. See below. The event is open to anybody interested to know more about the next Call, ongoing projects and hear about proposals being prepared. Moreover, you will be able to hear from representatives of the European Commission, the AAL Programme and AAL member...
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The AAL Forum 2021 programme is online!

We have the perfect venue and now we have a brand new programme too! It has been created choosing among the numerous calls we received last summer. There could still be some adjustments to its structure, but the overall themes are all set. The Forum will start on Monday 10th May with the opening ceremony. Two very intense days will follow in which we will explore every aspect related to healthy ageing, from digital storytelling supporting intergenerational solidarity to the latest technology trends and digital solutions for the healthcare sector. Indeed, all our workshops will focus around some of the main topics of the Decade of Healthy Ageing – a proposal endorsed by the WHO in 2020 – such as:...
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AAL Forum 2021 finds its home

The AAL Forum 2021 will be held at the Trieste Convention Center in Trieste, May 10-12, 2021. The brand new venue, which hosts in its larger auditorium up to 2.000 participants, is located at the heart of one of the most fascinating areas of Trieste, the Old Port, which features a series of buildings dating back to the period when Trieste was the main port of the Austro-Hungaric Empire. The venue was inaugurated last month hosting EuroScience Open Forum 2020 – another continental event supervised by FIT – Fondazione Internazionale Trieste, our local partner – and will serve as the venue for all the major international events to be held in Trieste in the coming years, providing the city with...
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The application for AAL Forum 2021 workshops is closed!

The application process for submitting AAL Forum 2021 workshop proposals has been closed.  We are happy to see the highest number of workshop applications ever received! The AAL Programme would like to thank all of the applicants and we look forward to seeing you in Trieste, Italy, for great discussions and exchange of ideas. The AAL Forum will take inspiration from the Decade of Healthy Ageing launched by the WHO in 2020, in order to discuss and exchange on key active & healthy ageing priorities for a collective and collaborative approach in Europe in a series of speeches, workshops and other activities. The Forum will touch upon some of the main topics put forward by WHO, such as: Driving a...
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Introducing the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing and the AAL Forum 2021

While most people are becoming aware of the demographic shift that is taking place and the accelerated ageing within our society, not all are well informed about the inequities related to healthy ageing or the disparities that exist within and between populations. To demonstrate that good health in older age is not evenly distributed it is sufficient to note the staggering 31 years difference in healthy life expectancy at birth between countries To address this challenge the World health Organisation (WHO) recently published its plan for the Decade of Healthy Ageing to improve the lives of older people, their families and their communities worldwide. Focusing on the second half of life, the plan outlines key principles, strategies and actions that...
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Trieste, a city where people age well and healthy

TRIESTE, is the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in the heart of Europe, easy to reach by any means. With a striking and varied landscape that transforms multiple times within a radius of a hundred kilometers. The city of Trieste stands out over the blue sea and sky on the furthest patch of the Italian Adriatic and appears like a last Mediterranean mirage for those following this northern stretch of the coast; Trieste’s originality and diversity are brought together in street after street, squares and palaces which almost entirely retain their testimony to Roman, Venetian and above all Austro-Hungarian architecture. The crossroads of culture that animate this Julian regional capital are expressed through a rich and extremely varied...
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Call for AAL Forum 2021 Workshops is open

  We invite you to submit your workshop proposal to create discussions and promote new ways of approaching either of the four tracks of the upcoming AAL Forum in Trieste. Workshops should be interactive and motivational sessions and follow the below described thematic areas dedicated to the upcoming Decade of Healthy Ageing. The AAL Forum will take inspiration from the Decade of Healthy Ageing launched by the WHO in 2020, in order to discuss and exchange on key active & healthy ageing priorities for a collective and collaborative approach in Europe. The Forum will touch upon some of the main topics put forward by WHO, such as: Driving a platform for innovation and change; Adapting health and care systems to...
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AAL Forum 2021 to be hosted in Trieste, Italy

We are delighted to announce that the next AAL Forum will be held in Trieste, Italy during 10-12 May 2021 in collaboration with its member Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Fondazione Internazionale. In the midst of the global outbreak of COVID-19, especially affecting our older populations in Europe, the AAL Programme is proud to announce its annual event to take place in the north of Italy. The AAL Forum is the annual flagship event of the AAL Programme, which presents and shares knowledge in the field of active and healthy ageing and to be a major networking place for researchers, care professionals, companies active in the silver economy and policy experts. The AAL Programme will join forces again with...
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Forum Programme Publication is online

The AAL Forum 2019 is just around the corner, and we are happy to announce that the onsite programme publication is now available online. Among other things, the publication contains interviews with keynote speakers Julie Arts and Bengt Andersson, a welcome from AAL Programme President Peter Saraga, and a complete overview of programme sessions and exhibitors. Read the publication by clicking here or on the icon below.
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