AAL Forum 2021 Blog


Introducing the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing and the AAL Forum 2021

While most people are becoming aware of the demographic shift that is taking place and the accelerated ageing within our society, not all are well informed about the inequities related to healthy ageing or the disparities that exist within and between populations. To demonstrate that good health in older age is not evenly distributed it is sufficient to note the staggering 31 years difference in healthy life expectancy at birth between countries

To address this challenge the World health Organisation (WHO) recently published its plan for the Decade of Healthy Ageing to improve the lives of older people, their families and their communities worldwide. Focusing on the second half of life, the plan outlines key principles, strategies and actions that can be taken through sustained collaboration to bring about lasting change in the way we think, feel and act towards age and ageing. These will include: better policies, programmes and practice to eliminate ageism in sectors including health, employment and education; tools to measure and assess ageism and disseminate age-disaggregated information; campaigns to reduce self-directed ageism and increase public knowledge and understanding of healthy ageing.

The aim is to ensure that communities foster the abilities of older people, deliver person-centred integrated care and primary health services responsive to older people and provide access to long-term care for older people who need it.

In the annual Forum of the AAL, which will take place in Trieste in 2021 four tracks will examine some of the key issues to be addressed if the objectives of the Decade of Healthy Ageing are to be achieved:

  • How to build a platform for innovation and change;
  • Align Healthcare systems with the needs of an ageing population;
  • Intergenerational Solidarity;
  • Make the socio-economic case for impact investment into healthy ageing.

You too can be an active part of this event by submitting your workshop proposal at: