June 2018

Get your early bird tickets!

With registration for the AAL Forum 2018 now open, we’re offering you some fantastic early bird prices if you book your tickets now. These low prices give you the cost-effective opportunity to explore this unique event. This year’s Forum is taking place in Bilbao, the beating heart of Biscay and a region home to one of the oldest societies in the world, making it the perfect place for an event focused on innovation and the elderly. AAL invites you to discover the latest advances in ICT technology that helps older people live longer, healthier lives. As well as more opportunities to see and use the latest technology designed for older people than ever before, we want you to voice your...
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AAL FORUM 2018 Registration opening soon!

Join us at the AAL Forum 2018 in Bilbao, the heart of the spectacular Biscay region of Spain, to celebrate some of the greatest and innovative developments happening right now in the field of active and healthy ageing In its ninth year, the forum is one of the largest European events for presenting, sharing and supporting the best of current research and practice for helping older people live longer, healthier lives. Our theme this year is “Ageing well in the digital age: A growing community of change makers”, with emphasis on driving the future of digital transformation of health and social inclusion. The AAL Forum 2018 is an unmissable opportunity to test, touch and interact with the latest technological advances,...
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AAL2Business workshop: Join a quest for viable business models

Improve your chances for successful commercialisation through business model experimentation and validation. The interactive AAL2Business workshop will take place before the start of the AAL Forum 2018 on Monday 24th September. This hugely valuable workshop will focus on how AAL projects can apply new business development principles to design and test business models and value propositions quickly, to find out if those are viable for future AAL markets. New business development principles such as business model design, lean startup and customer development, are radically changing how R&D is transformed into commercial success. The AAL2Business workshop provides an excellent opportunity for you to learn about these new, interesting and important techniques on business modelling to give your product a real chance in...
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AAL2Business Venture Academy: Commercialisation & Investment Readiness

Through a combination of interactive group participation sessions and one-on-one mentoring, AAL is offering an intensive, one-day academy to help AAL start-ups get their foot through the investment door. Don’t miss out – sign up now. A handful of the most promising AAL projects are to get an excellent opportunity to take-part in the AAL2Business Venture Academy, designed to help them prepare for future investment opportunities. This special Academy will take place on Tuesday, 25th September 2018, and run alongside the official AAL Forum 2018. The intense training day will provide the selected would-be entrepreneurs valuable guidance on commercialisation of services and products, business modelling, investment readiness, how to seek funding, the investment cycle and the different types of investment...
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