August 2017

AAL Exhibition Award

This year, the AAL Forum is offering exhibitors the chance to win the prestigious AAL Exhibition Award 2017 by promoting and reinforcing the commitment of involving and engaging end-users in the AAL community with their exhibitor stand.   This fun event is open to all registered exhibitors and will see them be put through their paces as they conduct a presentation, no longer than seven minutes in length, to four different groups of end-user organisations on how they are targeting the goal of end-user interest with their developments and products.  Presentations are going to be evaluated and marked by the end-users visiting the forum using an on-site questionnaire that will gather their thoughts on each exhibition stand, however, the complete evaluation method is yet to be released. How this will run is that over the two days of the forum, end-user organisations will be divided into...
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Student and over 65 discounted registration fees

AAL Forum 2017 are offering students and over 65s tickets to the conference at excellent reduced rates. Taking place in the enchanting city of Coimbra, home to Portugal’s greatest university and one of the oldest in the world, the AAL Forum 2017 is celebrating the large student population – which makes up almost a third of the city’s 100,000-strong population – by offering tickets to students at fantastic reduced rates. The University of Coimbra is particularly popular with technology and science students and boasts the largest science faculty in the country. AAL would like to open its doors to as many of Coimbra’s students, and those from far and wide, as possible to be a part of the exciting innovation...
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Brigitte Bührlen – Keynote speaker

Bringing with her the perspective and knowledge of a first-hand career, Brigitte Bührlen, founder and chair of We! Foundation of Caring Relatives, is sure to provide an interesting perspective during her plenary one presentation at the AAL Forum 2017. Brigitte looked after her mother, who suffered from dementia, for 20 years. After moving into her parent’s home, together with her husband and three children, the challenges became too much of a strain on all the family and they accepted professional care. After the death of her mother, in 2010 Brigitte founded We! Foundation following years of directing self-help groups of caring relatives. The purpose of the foundation is twofold. Firstly, there is the side that promotes and encourages carers to...
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Fado, the music of Portugal

A melody that expresses the Portuguese spirit, veiled in yearning and sweet melancholy yet tinged with joy and hope, fado is one of Europe’s most beautiful musical styles and is still traditionally celebrated in the cities of Coimbra and Lisbon. The music genre originated in Portugal in the early 1800s but only began to appear in Lisbon after 1830 before finally finding a popular rhythm in the early 1900s and one that is still followed today. Literally meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’, fado uses mandolins and a Portuguese 12-string guitar to accompany one singer, creating the pained melody that draws the listener in as it seeps through the streets. Whilst Lisbon’s fado is considered the more well-known style, Coimbra has its...
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Call for exhibitors!

There is still time to register a booth as an exhibitor at this year’s AAL Forum in the beautifully historic town of Coimbra, Portugal. The event provides an unmissable opportunity for exhibitors to show the most innovative, creative and vital technological advances in active ageing in Europe. And we want you to register now! By booking now we will give your business, ideas, and product developments excellent coverage on the AAL website. Your story will be posted as part of a weekly exhibitor’s news report and it will remain a prominent feature on the website, situated in the new exhibitor’s page.  This two day forum will provide you with the chance to allow others to get a closer look at...
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Early intervention needed to prevent rising care costs, says report

Recent results published by Newcastle University, UK, show that the number of care home places for the country’s most frail will need to increase by a third within a decade. To cope with the increased rise in life expectancy, the study suggests that assistive technology could provide the early intervention essential for delaying the onset of disabling diseases and conditions. The study, published in The Lancet, revealed an extra 71,215 care home places will be needed by 2025, from a total of about 220,000 places in 2015. It goes on to show that over the past 20 years, life expectancy has continued to increase, but this does not mean that the extra years have necessarily been healthy. Approximately one more...
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Poster deadline extended for one week

The final call for poster submissions has been extended for one more week so don’t worry, you have until the 22nd August to submit your idea for a poster – and what a fantastic opportunity to present at this year’s AAL Forum it is. Be right amongst other authors and participants as you present your work to likeminded colleagues and captivated investors at one of the largest forums on tech solutions for active and healthy ageing. Not only are posters at the AAL Forum a great opportunity to present complex research in a more digestible format but as you do you can share ideas, engage in interesting discussions and discover other interesting research concepts. Your poster will be grouped under...
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INOVA+ — Exhibitor profile

INOVA+ provide support through both innovation and internationalisation, and access financing for technology based organisations to help them grow. In particular, INOVA+ focus on supporting the visibility, market positioning, and customer orientation of start-ups or entrepreneurs at university level, with a vision to promote the transformation of scientific and technological knowledge into innovative projects and viable products on a national and international level. On active and healthy ageing, INOVA+ is in the process of establishing its own ICT tools to improve the accuracy of skin cancer diagnosis, aid solutions for controlling the spread of diseases, and establish therapy exercise systems for the continuous treatment and rehabilitation of Parkinson sufferers.   What will you be exhibiting? We will be presenting the...
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Carina Dantas – Keynote and workshop speaker

Carina Dantas, director of the Innovation Department at Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra, Portugal, has been invited to participate as a keynote speaker at the AAL Forum 2017, as well as help run and speak at a further two workshop sessions. With a plethora of experience in the field of active ageing, health and social care, Carina is sure to bring some interesting discussion points and knowledge to the AAL Forum. Carina’s CV includes being Vice President of the EU Covenant on Demographic Change, project manager of GrowMeUp (Horizon 2020 project), main coordinator of the group “Age-friendly building, cities and environments” of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, and with years of experience working as technical director in...
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