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Major shift in AAL’s event arrangement

AAL Forum to become a part of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing

AAL Forum has gathered hundreds of attendees every year for the last decade, and we are now ready to expand our community event further by going forward and continuing our discussions in a format that will allow go beyond our immediate community and invite more perspectives, regions and levels of decision-makers. Already since 2020, the AAL Forum has become a part of the annual European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA). In 2021, the AAL Programme, will continue the transition to the new format and it will bring on board new and renowned partners.

The second edition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2021 will take place between 18 and 22 October 2021 online. The event will build on 10 years of legacy of the AAL Association’s AAL Forum, and it aims to be the main European platform for sharing knowledge and showcasing innovation at all levels in the active and healthy ageing sector.

This year you will find a special selection of workshops that have long been a part of the AAL Forum as an addition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing programme.

The event is promoted and sponsored by the AAL Programme, and it is organized in conjunction with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Region member of the AAL Association. To make the event a truly international place for learning, networking and sharing the AAL Association has invited some of the key actors of ageing healthy and well in Europe and at the global level.

To address a rapidly ageing society, the World health Organisation (WHO) recently published its plan for the Decade of Healthy Ageing to improve the lives of older people, their families and their communities worldwide. Focusing on the second half of life, the plan outlines key principles, strategies and actions that can be taken through sustained collaboration to bring about lasting change in the way we think, feel and act towards age and ageing. These will include better policies, programmes and practice to eliminate ageism in sectors including health, employment and education; tools to measure and assess ageism and disseminate age-disaggregated information; campaigns to reduce self-directed ageism and increase public knowledge and understanding of healthy ageing.

The aim of the EWAHA 2021 is to ensure that communities foster the abilities of older people, deliver person-centred integrated care and primary health services responsive to older people and provide access to long-term care for older people who need it.

EWAHA  will touch upon some of the main topics put forward by WHO, such as:

  • Driving a platform for innovation and change.
  • Adapting health and care systems to the changing needs of an ageing population & drawing on the emerging learnings from the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020.
  • Promoting Intergenerational Solidarity.
  • Make the socio-economic case for impact investment into healthy ageing.

The Programme for the event is underway, follow the AAL Programme’s social media channels and newsletter to catch the latest updates!

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