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World Renowned Coimbra Band to Perform at AAL Forum

AAL have confirmed the chart-hitting band Anaquim, will be headlining the AAL Forum 2017 at the closing party on Wednesday 4th October.

Founded in 2006, Anaquim is a Portuguese five-man band that mixes musical traditions with international pop/rock patterns. The band from Coimbra combines folklore and fado with more main-stream lively acoustic indie rock to create a genre that resonates with fans around the world.

Drawing upon influences from many famous Portuguese traditional poets and musicians such as Zeca Afonso, as well as echoing French music and culture, Anaquim has received accolades from home to Hungary, Namibia and South Africa.

Their first album, “As vidas dos Outros” (“Other people’s lives”) reached the top 12 in the Portuguese top-seller charts whilst their third album, “UM DIA DESTES” (“One of these days)” took them directly to number 8 in 2016.

Their popularity has further seen them perform at some of the country’s top festivals such as Burning of the Ribbons of Coimbra and Southwest Festival, be chosen by the readers of BLITZ magazine as one of the top 10 national albums of 2010, and continue to receive outstanding reviews from the media and fans.

The AAL Forum is proud to host this unique local band – who will be supporting some fantastic facial hair – consisting of José Rebola, Pedro Ferreira, Luis Duarte, Filipe Ferreira and João Santiago will be accompanied by an array of instruments including a guitar, drums, banjo, accordion, and harmonica. 

Anaquim will close what will be a brilliant forum for another year by providing participants with a party to remember – and one you won’t want to miss!