Workshop 13

What are robots doing here?

Theme 6
Tuesday 24 September 11:45-12:30
Room: 11

Robots are inevitable in the future services we provide for citizens, but what does this mean?

This workshop will question the effect’s robots have on citizens and professionals as they enter many service areas provided by the municipality. We will invite participants to experience meeting a robot and reflect upon their own feelings toward this object which is in place to interact with humans.

The Center for Supported Housing and the Centre for Assisted Living Facilities in Aarhus have collaborated to develop the Cognitive Training with Robot project, to examine whether citizens with mental health issues can profit from targeted cognitive training. Many who suffer from mental health issues have varying cognitive challenges either caused by their illness or long-term use of pharmaceuticals.

The workshop will initiate this reflection on robots with Louise Hansen, project manager, presenting its results. Post-doc Søren Tranberg will then demonstrate a robot and present on the interactions between humans and robots before coming together with participates for a concluding discussion.


Louise Baastrup Hansen (Project Manager, Center for Supported Housing + Center for Assisted Living Facilities, City of Aarhus)
Søren Tranberg Hansen (Industrial PhD, Robotics and Artificial Intel)