Workshop 10

Assistive systems empowering seniors in the workplace: Challenges and potentials 

Theme 5
Tuesday 24 September 11:00-12:30
Room: Nortvegia

The European population is ageing, and it is inevitable that citizens will remain in their work environments for a longer period. However, these environments are complex systems whereby technology, interior and exterior design, ergonomics as well as user perception (behavioural and emotional) can either hinder or empower the silver workforce.

This is a collaborative workshop looking to discuss and answer the question:

How can we co-design digital solutions and assistive systems that empower seniors in the workplace?

This aims to stimulate creativity amongst participants on how, when and where to use digital solutions of the workplace.

Participants can expect to be engaged through:

  • a demonstration session about current assistive solutions for the workplace;
  • discuss empathizing behavioural and cultural aspects as enables for technology acceptance;
  • conclude the workshop with prototyping and sketching storyboards to structure, substantiate and refine findings.


Pro. Dr. Oliver Korn, Affective & Cognitive Institute, Offenburg University
Dr. Matteo Zallio, Stanford University, Center for Design Research