Workshop 9

Engaging the new old

Theme 5
Tuesday 24 September 11:00-12:30
Room: Dania

This workshop deepens the thesis on the 3rd age of baby boomers presented at the AAL Forum 2018. Ton Koper presents new findings for recruiting this soon-to-be largest population group in Europe. The workshop serves cities, companies and ICT projects who want to engage a new kind of agers.

New Old? Many aging boomers do not like to be called seniors. Again, as a pioneer generation, they wish to emancipate themselves from the convential age culture of earlier generations. Learn more about their motivations, their needs and their potentials for valuable contributions today.

Why engage? The proportion of older people in the European population is increasing enormously fast. If we do not succeed in raising the participation factor of this target group at the same pace, the demographic burden and costs for younger generations will become unbearable.

How to engage? This workshop will convey a new view on the potential of the next age generation. Away from the old liability view towards a new asset perspective. With 90 minutes of inspiration to benefit from this transformation – to engage citizens for cities, to involve employees for companies and to commit participants for ICT projects.

Ton Koper (President of the Board of powerAge Foundation)

Ton Koper

Ton Koper