AAL Forum 2021 Blog


Who’s exhibiting at the AAL Forum exhibition… so far?

As the organising of the AAL Forum 2019 is well underway, we are starting to take a look at some of the exhibitors already getting ready to meet, greet and share with you their expertise, product, project or experience in the field of healthy ageing.

Every year the AAL Forum is excited to host the AAL Exhibition, where specific AAL projects can present their research, technological advances or even allow delegates hands-on demonstrations with their final products. The exhibition hall is also open to any businesses, industry experts or investors in the field that are interested in discovering what the AAL ecosystem has to offer or seeing how they can positively input themselves. This is always a great space for exhibitors and delegates alike to gain face-to-face networking opportunities in a relaxed, fun environment.  

In the run-up to the forum taking place at the end of September, we will be introducing you to these exhibitors.

See list of exhibitors.

ZiboCare with NoDec Wizard and Droplet

NoDec Wizard is a dynamic mattress with a unique pressure redistribution system designed for individual needs to help prevent and heal pressure ulcers. The system combines alternating pressure redistribution with a turning function.

Droplet is a solution to encourage people to drink more water who are at risk of dehydration. The intelligent system reminds the user through speech to drink more and warns staff to monitor and manage the hydration of their patients if they are not drinking enough.

ZiboCare is an innovative company based in Denmark offering competent advice, products and services for users, carers and relatives in the healthcare sectors.

Honoré Care Aps with CareBidets

CareBidets is a modern wash and dry toilet seat, ensuring dignity and self-dependence for those with reduced mobility when using the toilet. An inbuilt sensor for analytical use is CareBidets newest feature, and can provide lots of data on how the toilet is used in all the active units in a nursing home for example. This data can be displayed on iPad’s and smartphones etc. In the municipality of Aarhus, CareBidets has proven to save 1-hour per user each week, enabling care givers to use their time better and track the health of their patients.

J. Honoré Care is a specialist and market leader of intelligent toilet solutions and other assistive equipment in Denmark.

4Mvideo with 4Mvideo

4Mvideo is a fun, social and motivational video-based exercise system which can be set-up at home to allow older adults to go on a virtual bike tour by themselves or with friends and family. Users can choose from an array of readymade cycling videos set in urban and rural Denmark, or videos can be filmed by loved ones for inclusion and motivation to exercise even if they can’t go outside. 4MVideo can be enjoyed without an internet connection and can be displayed on large monitors such as a TV or projector at home or at the gym.

4Mvideo are looking to displaying their video-biking application and discussing the physical and social benefits of the product.

Be sure to take time to visit the AAL Exhibition during the forum.