List of exhibitors

Exhibitors – AAL Forum 2019

As one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, the AAL Forum 2019 will host a vibrant exhibition of technology designed to improve the quality of life for older people.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with CareWare.


See list of exhibitors below (in alphabetical order).

See list of product info on the CareWare website.

4Mvideo are looking to displaying their video-biking application and discussing the physical and social benefits of the product.


AAL Programme & EIP on AHA
The AAL Programme (Active Assisted Living Programme) and the EIP on AHA (European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing) invite you to learn more about engaging together on ageing well in a digital world through the cooperation of these two European programmes.

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Austria’s largest Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) and an international key player in many of the research areas they cover. At the AAL Forum 2019, they will present the two AAL Projects TACTILE and SUCCES.

Aktiv Interaktiv
Aktiv Interaktiv Aps has more than 15 years’ experience making them a strong partner in the market of sensory experiences and interactive solutions. It delivers welfare technology for users in care homes and rehabilitation centres for both the elderly and the young.


Alerto Care Technologies Ltd.
Alerto presents the Alerto Safety Alarm System™, a discrete and highly effective system, which monitors all activity in the home and – due to a unique combination of hardware and software – enables municipalities, as well as private participants, a full overview and full documentation for each individual incident. 

Arjo Danmark
Arjo is a global supplier of medical devices, services and solutions that improve quality of life for people with reduced mobility and age-related health challenges.

Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research
The Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal), is a non-profit private association founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe.

Brain+ ApS
Brain+ aims to provide effective, relevant and fun brain training exercises for all ages.

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Linking technologies and social environment is the central aim of the AAL Research Unit at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. By using an innovative participatory Living Lab methodology, the unit develops concepts, products and services in the areas of smart home, smart health and smart interaction to improve the quality of life of older adults.

CDEU – The Central Denmark EU Office & Innovation Fund Denmark
The Central Denmark EU Office represents the 19 municipalities of the Central Denmark region as well as the Central Denmark regional government, Aarhus University and VIA University College. The office is dedicated to helping the entire Central Denmark Region with all of its municipalities, higher learning facilities, private companies and other key players in playing as active a part as possible in the EU. The office will be sharing their booth with Innovation Fund Denmark. The fund invests in cultivating and translating ideas, knowledge and technology for the benefit of Danish Society.

CerQana’s main goal is to bring technology closer to those people that currently can’t benefit from it. Their mission is to reduce the technological barrier they suffer, until they completely overcome it. They want to integrate everybody, no matter what their capabilities are, into the digital era. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

At Chromaviso, they have an ambition to lift the standard for lighting in the health sector. By creating optimal and health-promoting light, they are at the forefront of the market and are making a major difference to patients and staff.

CxD ApS – Child Experience Design
CxD is the producer of interactive and engaging learning environments for children. They aim towards learning in a more fun way as well as moving. This is done by emerging the physical elements of play with a digital layer in new interactive products. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

De Montfort University – ACROSSING project
To best leverage the Smart Homes (SH) potential, ACROSSING envisions an easy-to-use technology infrastructure which provides validated technology components and platforms built upon them.

DigiRehab is a unique digital exercise tool aimed at elderly citizens with homecare assistance. The intelligent and personally based exercise programmes increase the citizens’ self-reliance and reduce their need for homecare. DigiRehab is used by homecare providers in Denmark, Norway and Iceland.


European Commission
Through policy, financial support and partnerships, the European Commission works towards a better quality of life for everyone, innovation and growth for a competitive EU industry, and sustainable care systems for society.

European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)
The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) is the Global Connector for Digital Health, facilitating multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. The global network of Digital Health Alliances connects 78 countries and 4.4 billion people (Europe, USA, Canada, China, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas and the Pacific).

Evondos have implemented their medication robot for people living at home in more the 160 Nordic municipalities. This has created the opportunity to develop methodology for a succesful implementation and benefit realization. Their service gives documented value to people dependent of regular medication, and home care providers.

In an ever-changing field, ExorLive has always found innovative ways to inspire people to move by producing high-quality, efficient and consistent exercise programmes.

Exthex GmbH
Exthex is a research and development SME that focuses on close-to-market operations. Exthex creates spin-offs based on the results of successful research projects and helps to establish them on the market for the long-term.

FLINK, founded in January 2019, has 221 users across 104 families with more than 1,700 moments shared between families. The app can be downloaded to iOS and Android. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

negotiates and advises on medical equipment and rehabilitation aids. Their mission is to make the best products in rehabilitation and diagnostics available for the Danish market.

Gillie Artificial Intelligence
A cloud service that analyzes medical and welfare data to turn it into actionable insight and personalized care. Gillie Artificial Intelligence monitors the condition of customers in home care and assisted living facilities and helps care providers anticipate changes in the customer’s condition and uses them to predict upcoming deviations. Early intervention improves customer well-being and reduces the need for care.

GLØD is a Danish start-up which aim to create aesthetically beautiful technology that assist every day well-being.
First product is a portable night lamp, designed to ensure a better consecutive sleep.

Gonio VR
Gonio VR wants to revolutionize the way we rehabilitate through expertise. Through Virtual Reality they want to make rehabilitation more fun. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

HES-SO Valais-Wallis
With its 10 degree programmes and 9 research institutes, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis is a leading hub of skills and innovation, preparing students for the world of work, and contributing both to economic and social development and to the creation of jobs within the canton. At the AAL Forum, they will present the AAL Project StayFitLonger.

Hochschule Luzern – iHomeLab
The iHomeLab of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland is the Swiss think tank and research centre for building intelligence. At the AAL Forum 2019, they will display the AAL project HiStory.

HUG – Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
Presenting the AAL Project POSTHCARD. The core of the POSTHCARD platform is an engaging simulation where caregivers can practice daily life situations with Alzheimer patients. In the simulation, users will be able to choose the way they interact with the patient and see whether their approach is successful.Thanks to POSTHCARD, the reduction of burden associated to home-care will allow Alzheimer patients to stay longer at home.

Ideable with Kwido and VirtuAAL
is a Basque SME focused on creating technology for caring for elderly people. Apart from participating in some AAL projects, Ideable has its own platform and division centered in eldercare, Kwido. The intention is to show how they are monitoring health, cognitive status or daily activity of the elderly people for the elder care companies around Europe.

Apart from that, Ideable will present the virtual reality games they’ve developed under the VirtuAAL AAL Small Collaborative project. The goal of this project is to develop immersive serious games to increase motivation in elderly patients in nursing homes or daily centers and, above all, test the using of these technologies (more mature and affordable nowadays) in combating cognitive impairment. During the forum, delegates will be able to test these technologies in Ideable’s stand.

ilogs mobile software GmbH
For over 20 years, the company has been developing innovative software for caregivers. The company employs over 50 highly qualified people, focused on creating value for organisations by successfully integrating people, business and technology. ilogs healthcare GmbH is part of the ilogs group. The company headquarter is located in Klagenfurt (Carinthia), Austria, with further offices in Switzerland, United Kingdom, France and the US.

is a rehabilitation company that develops and sells assistive technology for training and physical rehabilitation. They aim to improve quality of life for their users through effective training systems. They create innovative products and services that help users, families, caretakers and teachers learn and develop skills.


INRCA – Istituto Nazionale Ricovero e Cura Anziani
The INRCA, as a Scientific Institute, conducts research and assistance. These two closely related areas characterise and make the specific services provided, which are intended mainly for the elderly according to the institutional purposes of the Hospital. At the AAL Forum, they will present the AAL Project Resilien-T.

Instituto Pedro Nunes
Created in 1991 through a University of Coimbra initiative, Instituto Pedro Nunes is a private non-profit organisation which promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the connection between the scientific and technological environment and the production sector.

is a dynamic and expanding medical device company with activities in Denmark and Sweden. Intramedic is marketing and maintaining systems from a variety of the world’s leading manufacturers within cardiopulmonary diagnostics, biomechanics and rehabilitation.


J. Honoré Care
J. Honoré Care is a specialist and market leader of intelligent toilet solutions and other assistive equipment in Denmark.


LEMCO Rehab & Fysio
LEMCO Rehab & Fysio
works for a better life through exercising. Their equipment is for people with mobility impairment and wheelchair users.


is Denmark’s leading knowledge-based innovation company specializing in unique light concepts for a wide range of areas, including health and care, trade and office, education and industry.

Manigrip is an everyday tool, designed to avoid stigmatization and make life a little less problematic. This is achieved by eliminating the need for many different assistive devices and instead offer one, simplistic solution rich with functions.

Mobility Research Denmark
Mobility Research Denmark sells quality products for the Rehabilitation Sector. Their products are developed to ensure a good process for both patient and therapist. At the AAL Forum, they will display their products NuStep and MoveSole.

Multi Living Care
The vision of Multi Living Care is to put the citizen at the center and develop solutions that place freedom, dignity, mobility and independence at the forefront. The company aims to be the safe, aesthetic and natural choice for people with reduced mobility who want greater mobility, self-reliance, independence and dignity.

is Danish-developed and produced, and the result of an 18 month development process with people suffering from dementia, their relatives and caregivers.


Palliate Ai
At Palliate Ai, they serve the dream to provide independence for people living with dementia and efficiency tool for carers. With Natural Language Processing and APIs, they are building the world’s first voice-assistance-artificial-intelligence in dementia care, that will provide assistive care, in automation. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

Pressalit creates practical bathroom facilities in public places for people with extensive and diverse learning disabilities as well as for people with physical disabilities and incontinence. International surveys shows that the standard handicap toilet, as we know it today, does not meet the requirements of the user with a profound disability. At the AAL Forum, Pressalit will show their first prototype (a plug and play solution) in a digital format.

Protac A/S
Protac A/S
is a Danish manufacturer of sensory stimulation products. They serve private people, municipalities, regions and state institutions. In Denmark, they sell their products directly. Outside of Denmark, the company is represented in 20 countries through a number of local distributors.


Rehab-Care specializes in equipment for the nursing and health sectors. They develop and manufacture standard and customized equipment such as hospital beds, treatment tables, bed tables and toilet- and shower chairs as well as lifts and other types of lifting equipment for the nursing sector. Their products are used in every Danish hospital as well as a wide range of municipalities and clinics. A considerable amount of products are delivered to other European countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Rehabilitation International World Congress 2020
The Rehabilitation International World Congress 2020 will be a strong inspiration for all participants: to meet with global colleagues from your own profession, society, NGOs, and with up front representatives from rehab specialists.

RotoBed® care beds are welfare technology for everyone. A simple and intelligent operation facilitates the lives of both users, relatives and staff. At the same time, RotoBed® has a range of accessories, specially designed for our beds, to further facilitate transfer and care.

Sarita CareTech
Sarita CareTech
is a Danish start-up which creates emergency alert technology with a human-centred design approach that is equally aesthetically pleasing and technically fitting for caregivers and the elderly.


SDU – University of Southern Denmark
A master’s programme in rehabilitation that gives you the necessary skills to ensure an optimal and citizen-centered rehabilitation in your daily practice. Targeted at professionals working with rehabilitation.

Still Active
The company offers advice on healthy activities. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

The Telecommunication Software and Systems Group
The TSSG group was founded in 1996 within Waterford Institute of Technology. Since then, it has grown into a large research centre. At the AAL Forum 2019, they will display the AAL project Carelink.

Test and Development Center for Welfare Technology
The Test- and Development Center help companies develop and test technologies, ideas and business models. The center is partly financed by the Municipality of Viborg and the Central Jutland Regional Hospital.

The HabLab
The product Klikkit is the holistic IoMT solution that can help patients increase adherence while supporting payers and providers to remotely monitor patient populations and ad-hoc intervene for stratification through smart IoMT devices and connected dashboards.

Tunstall Healthcare
For over 60 years, Tunstall Healthcare has pioneered the use of technology to support those requiring care & health intervention to live independently in their chosen home setting. The aim is to balance independence with reassurance, and provide tailored support which meets individuals’ needs now and in the future.

Universität Innsbruck
The University’s main mandate is to focus on research and development, teaching and continuing professional education and training. At the AAL Forum, they will present the AAL research project i-evAALution.

Vahlkamp International B.V.
Vahlkamp has been active in the development and production of wireless alarm systems for the needy in society for almost 40 years. The company philosophy focuses on three pillars: simplicity, functionality and affordability.


VELA keeps a strong focus on creating beautiful and ergonomically designed chairs. The company is divided into three business areas, all with design, function and excellence as a common goal.


Viborg Municipality
Viborg Municipality presents the strategy of supporting active and healthy living among the elderly through the use of animation as a communication and implementation tool in the public sector.

Vienna Business Agency – Rehabuddy
As the first point of contact for national and international companies, the Vienna Business Agency offers advice, real estate, and financial funding. Visit the stand and meet the Viennese company RehaBuddy.
The activities of the Vienna Business Agency in this AAL Forum are part of the IC3 project, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Vigo is the first software based stroke rehabilitation therapy using years of research in stroke treatment, psychotherapy, and neuroscience. Part of the Citizen Accelerator.

Vilans is the national Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands. In this field, Vilans engages in innovation, research and development, dissemination, and implementation of good practices. At the AAL Forum 2019, they will display the AAL project eWare.

At the AAL Forum, Vitatech OÜ will display their product TimeGiven – an SOS wristband for people whose health needs to be monitored during their normal routine life. These are elderly people who live alone, people who have gone through surgery or may have other health issues.

Welldana Innocare
At the AAL Forum 2019 exhibition, Welldana Innocare will present eLea™ Activity Sensing, which is a wireless home care solution that is easy to install and very user-friendly.

ZiboCare is an innovative company based in Denmark offering competent advice, products and services for users, carers and relatives in the healthcare sectors.