AAL Forum 2021 Blog


A social programme with a twist

The AAL Forum host for 2019 is the Danish city of Aarhus – and they are looking to do things their own way! This is particularly true when it comes to a unique programme of social events taking place outside of the limits of the forum walls, which are being organised so that delegates can get close to Danish culture through swimming, eating and running – all with local senior citizens.

Celebrating 10 years of the AAL Forum, 2019 in Aarhus is going to be bigger, better and more lively than ever before. And so, to provide a little breather from the lively debates, powerful sessions and busy exhibition, the Aarhus organisers are putting on a social programme to allow delegates to see their city from an exclusive perspective. They want to personally show you how the city gives its citizens the opportunities to live an active and healthy life in a social society.

So far, three social activities have been organised to offer this more personal perspective on how Danish seniors not only use technology on a daily basis, but how they live happy, fulfilling lives. Senior volunteers who have left the labour force, will be driving the following events:

  • Guided morning exercise and run

A jogging tour of ½ hour with a volunteer senior runner, who will guide you around and tell you about the city. The jogging tour will take place in small groups and the seniors will show you how they use digital devises in their exercise regimes.

  • Dine with end-users

This event offers you the opportunity to have dinner with a Danish family and talk informally, over a traditional Danish supper, with seniors about how they live with digital solutions. Though this is free, we recommend bringing a small gift from your home country. Maximum of two participants per family.

  • Swim in Aarhus harbour

Aarhus recently opened a triangular floating complex comprising of a 50m swimming pool, diving pool and saunas in the city’s harbour. AAL is offering you the chance to swim with senior ‘Viking’ volunteers in the refreshing new Harbour Bath.

These three events are FREE and offer something a little different to the usual AAL Forum programme and are a highly-recommend addition to your agenda. Not only will you get to see the delights of the beautiful city of Aarhus, but you’ll get to hear how Aarhus is effectively pioneering a digital city for its older residents.

Register to the forum now (Early Bird prices!) to pin down your places!