AAL Forum 2021 Blog


New exhibitors announced

Three new AAL Forum 2017 exhibitors have been announced and they each present a strong focus on the cultivation and impact of innovative start-ups, university initiatives and technological business ideas.


INOVA+ provides support to businesses through both innovation and internationalisation, and access financing for technology based organisations to help them grow. This can be anybody from SMEs, start-ups, city councils and large companies. In particular, INOVA+ focuses on supporting the visibility, market positioning, and customer orientation of start-ups or entrepreneurs at university level, with a vision to promote the transformation of scientific and technological knowledge into innovative projects and viable products on a national and international level. From idea to market, from innovation management to research and design technology departments, INOVA+ assists businesses to start, grow and expand.


‘Vienna supports business. Vienna supports economy.’ The Vienna Business Agency aims to strengthen Viennese companies with the Smart City Wein initiative. Its mission statement is “to consistently and continuously modernise the city in order to reduce energy consumption and emissions significantly. Smart City Wien stands for the ‘intelligent city’, intelligent and innovative solutions, responsible and sustainable use of resources.” With financial support, real estate and urban development incentives, Vienna Business Agency are making the start-ups of the city fit for the future.


Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is a private non-profit organisation that aims to create a strong relationship between the University of Coimbra and entrepreneurship. In doing so, they hope to promote innovative and quality enterprises that will connect the scientific and technological environments in public and private sector organisations. IPN’s infrastructure includes six laboratories in varied technological areas to provide multidisciplinary support for product creation and innovation, and also provides high level continuous personalised training programmes.