Wirtschaftsagentur Wien will be acting on behalf of Vienna City and other partners at the exhibition and will be bringing two companies from Vienna as testimonial.   For over 30 years, the Vienna Business Agency has been actively supporting the development of Vienna as a business location. As the first point of contact for national and international companies, the Vienna Business Agency offers advice, real estate, and financial funding. The goal is to strengthen innovative companies in Vienna along with their innovative capacity. Vienna Business Agency is currently part of the IC3 project. Are you interested in Viennese companies and AAL projects? Visit their stand! The two represented companies are: Johanniter Ausbildung und Forschung who participate in several AAL projects,...
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Diatomic is a H2020 DIATOMIC project establishing a sustainable ecosystem to facilitate digital innovation in the field of microelectronics and smart systems integration applied to health, agriculture, and industry. The project will distribute three million euros to small projects of 200,000 euros, in two calls. After the success of the first call – 85 applications submitted, from 22 European countries – the second call will distribute 1.5 million euros, is planned to open 1 November 2018 and close 31 of January 2019. This means that SMEs will start soon doing partner search for competence centres on DIATOMIC platform. The Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is coordinating the DIATOMICs Health Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) and aims to promote innovation and the transfer...
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Leading researchers from the Leicester-based De Montfort University in the UK, will be exhibiting their expertise and international reputation for quality, research and innovation to help older people in smart home environments with their project ACROSSING – Advanced TeChnologies and PlatfoRm fOr Smarter Assisted LivING.

AAL Exhibitor – ConnectedCare – EXHIBITOR Nº6

From the team at ConnectedCare, they will be bringing delegates of the AAL Forum the MedGUIDE prototype. This AAL project is a new approach towards improving how people with dementia take their medication and how professionals properly asses their symptoms and update their medication. MedGUIDE also looks to use smart pill boxes and actively involve informal caregivers through social networking techniques and by using IoT devices to improve this medication adherence.

AAL Exhibitor – Ideable Solutions – EXHIBITOR Nº5

Ideable’s exhibition stand the AAL Forum 2018 will be jam-packed with VR games, tablets and serious games in order to not only entice you but to show you the excellent developments they have made as a software SME focused on elderly care and eHealth. As one of the 20 European winners of the FICHe eHealth accelerator’s, Ideable will be displaying Kwido, a multi-device platform for caring for elderly people they have built, as well as Zocaalo, the European marketplace that certifies apps for elderly users.


Who’s exhibiting at the AAL Forum exhibition…so far? As the days are ticking by with less than a month until the 2018 AAL Forum gets underway, we are starting to take a look at some of the exhibitors already getting ready to meet, greet and share with you their expertise, product, project or experience in the field of healthy ageing. Every year the AAL Forum is excited to host the AAL Exhibition, where specific AAL projects can present their research, technological advances or even allow delegates hands-on demonstrations with their final products. The exhibition hall is also open to any businesses, industry experts or investors in the field that are interested in discovering what the AAL ecosystem has to offer...
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AAL FORUM Exhibitor – 2PCS Solutions Gmbh – Exhibitor Nº3

Joining the AAL Forum exhibition once again will be 2PCS Solutions Gmbh, winner of the 2017 AAL Forum Stand Award Prize. This Austrian start-up was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to finding new ways of providing safety and managing alerts through technological design. 2PCS products are designed so they can be used in various different living and care settings, including inpatient as well as ambulatory care. What makes the 2PCS solution distinctive is that it consists of individual pieces that can be unified holistically into one system, which can react in an efficient way to save time, cost and disburden caregivers and relatives.  Some of the products that 2PCS will be exhibiting at this year’s forum include: 2PCS Safety...
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AAL FORUM Exhibitors – Canadian Institute of Health Research & AGE-WELL – Exhibitor Nº5

All the way from Canada, the AAL Forum will be welcoming the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and Age-Well. The CIHR is Canada’s federal funding agency for health research and together with Age-Well their goal is to create communities and innovations that support healthy ageing through eHealth technologies.   The CIHR eHealth initiative and the CIHR’s eHealth Innovations Partnership Program (eHIPP) intend to stimulate the design, testing, evaluation and spread of evidence-based eHealth solutions that are fully grounded in the needs of patients. Through ‘innovation communities’ eHIPP hopes to bring together a scientific and a clinical lead, a decision-maker to support and up-scale solutions, patient/family representation, end-user engagement and health technology industries. Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to...
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AAL FORUM Exhibitors – Carinthia University of Applied Sciences – Exhibitor Nº2

EXHIBITOR NUMBER 2: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences  –  PROJECT NAME:  Smart VitAALity The AAL Research Unit at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences looks at how to fluidly link technologies with social environments and they are doing this through the methodology of a Living Lab. This unit participates in developing concepts, products and services in the areas of smart homes, smart health and smart interaction to improve the quality of life of older adults, under the project title, Smart VitAALity. Smart VitAALity is implementing and evaluating the integration of AAL systems in 100 senior households in a long-term trail lasting 15 months with 230 users and will be testing the integration of tailoring AAL services that focus on the needs of future...
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AAL Forum Exhibitors – University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg – Exhibitor 1

With the AAL Forum only a month away, we will be posting a small description of the exhibitors you can expect to see at the event, in the run up to the 24 September. From projects, to industry experts and businesses in the field of healthy ageing, these exhibitors will be showcasing, and in some cases, allowing you to test their new solutions and looking to discuss and establish collaborations with other actors in the AAL ecosystem.   EXHIBITOR NUMBER 1: University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg –  PROJECT NAME: GREAT GREAT is the AAL project, coordinated by Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria, that will be exhibited at the AAL Forum this year. Get Ready for Activity – Persuasive...
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