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Helping to make AAL workshops a real success

AAL Forum workshop coordinators recently attended a webinar hosted by AAL and Insight Publishers, the forum’s communication experts, on the best strategies to help them promote their AAL Forum 2018 workshops.

The webinar detailed to the coordinators how their active involvement in planned communication activities will positively help promote each of their workshops in the build-up to the forum and get potential participants excited.

Coordinators were then led through a detailed presentation on how to make their workshop appealing through the organisation of interactive and motivational sessions. Invaluable help and top tips were given on how to encourage the active involvement of workshop participants.

Lastly, the webinar offered advice for coordinators about the promotion of their workshops after the forum for inclusion in the Executive Summary. This included being guided through what information they need to collate from the outcomes of their workshops so that these can be best included in the post-event publication.

The webinar was a great way to bring all workshop coordinators together and plan communications that will help fully explain what each workshop will be about, who should attend and what delegates will get out of attending.

You can listen to the webinar here.

Or check out the webinar slides PDF here.