AAL Forum 2021 Blog


Call for Sessions

The AAL Forum is the yearly event of the AAL Programme. Active participation and interaction between the forum attendees is key in the 2016 AAL Forum program. In 2016 we aim to create a vibrant interactive event, building on the creativity and the commitment of the AAL community. In this AAL Forum we want to explore the different aspects influencing the easy availability of AAL technologies and solutions in Europe with a special emphasis on showcasing AAL technologies and solutions. Through this call for interactive sessions & workshops, we invite the AAL community to contribute to the AAL Forum by organising interactive sessions and workshops. We invite you to send in your proposals for the design and the organization of the interactive sessions and/or workshops: from developing a programme and identifying all stakeholders involved to describing the expected outcomes and keeping in touch with the AAL Forum programme committee to make sure that all session information are available online.


Five thematic areas were identified by the AAL Forum programme committee as the pillars of the 2016 edition of the AAL Forum. Each proposal has to indicate the related thematic area for which it applies.

Theme 1: How to bring AAL solutions from the idea to the market

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: Idea generation and design, prototyping, industrialisation, interoperability; living labs, incubators, accelerators, investors, procurers, etc.; planning, commercialisation, markets, going to scale etc.

Theme 2: Marketing AAL

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: Marketing AAL/silver economy, communication, best practice, success stories; reaching consumers, private and public providers, etc.

Theme 3: Satisfy the expectations of all AAL stakeholders

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: Added value, acceptance, accessibility, usability, purchasing, who pays for it, ethics, privacy, security; consumers, private and public sector

Theme 4: Formal and informal ways offering awareness, education, training in AAL for every one 

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: Creating awareness, education and assistance on all levels, decision makers, professionals, informal carers, end-users, technology installation sector, apprenticeship student and university level

Theme 5: AAL and aging society/economy in 2025/2030

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: upcoming realities, emerging trends, disruptive approaches, new markets, changing systems, new stakeholders; what do new technologies such as Internet of Things, augmented reality, smart cities and environments, smart devices, robotics etc. mean for AAL in 2025/2030



All proposals should clearly indicate the following:

  • Rationale & Objectives
  • Programme/Method
  • Indicative number and type of speakers or experts;
  • How you envisage to achieve interactivity with the participants;
  • Name of session chair/workshop leader.


The main criteria for the selection of proposals are as follows:

  • Clear goals and expected outcomes;
  • Interactivity (active involvement of the participants for at least 1/3 of the overall duration of the session);
  • Quality and novelty of the concept proposal;

Proposals can be put forward for multiple time slot of 1.5 hours.

The session coordinator will be held responsible for the timely communication of all information regarding the content and the name of the speakers/experts to the AAL Forum organizers. Furthermore, each session coordinator should make sure that a summary of the session is available and that all presentations are made available in the website one week after the AAL Forum.



Download this template and send it to: urs.guggenbuehl@fhsg.ch