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10 AAL innovations that have created real impact

When the AAL Programme was established in 2008, it was focused on addressing the needs of the ageing population by using ICT and other technological solutions to enhance the quality of life for older adults. Throughout the intervening years, however, the AAL has never lost sight of the fact that by developing the products and services older people not only need, but also want, there are huge economic opportunities to grasp.

This special publication celebrates the success of 10 AAL Programme projects that have, in a variety of ways, taken their research to market. This road is often long and tough, but these AAL projects prove that if the need is there and an innovative technology is developed to meet that need, then success will surely follow.

This is just the start of AAL solutions emerging into this growing market place and the programme is continuing to fund exciting work that promotes and supports active and healthy ageing. These success stories are but a small taste of the brilliant work our researchers, SMEs, end users and other partners have done over the years. And watch this space – there are plenty more to come.

Click here to read the AAL Success Stories publication