AAL Forum 2021 Blog


Aarhus – A city that does ageing the right way

Aarhus provides independence and care for all its citizens with advanced assistive technology and invested welfare rehabilitation services, making it the ideal home for the AAL Forum.

‘A caring municipality’ – Aarhus has been living up to its motto and then some over the past few years, addressing the challenges of demographic change by investing time and care into empowering its senior citizens, orchestrated through various policies with technology at their heart.

When it comes to applying new technology, the municipality helped propel Denmark to becoming the most digital society in Europe according to the 2018 Digital Economy and Society Index. Through innovative technological solutions, Aarhus has transformed its healthcare system so that it sustainably delivers quality caring services and welfare options for each of its citizens at all stages of life and health.


Following this recognition, Denmark’s Ministry of Health set out a new strategy in 2018 that encompasses three themes: self-reliability and freedom for citizens, Improvement of working conditions, and higher effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Public funds will be used to implement technology and address the pressing issues of Europe’s demographic development head on.

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, has pushed to make active living technologies available and valuable to its citizens, providing care services that encourage active lifestyles and inspire personal freedom and self-reliability. It has also elevated support for carers.

Being well aligned with the objectives of the AAL Forum, with technology at its core, Aarhus’s mission to deliver effective health services has seen an influx of start-ups that are keen to invest time and effort into their citizens’ futures, rethinking ICT solutions for healthier, longer and happier lives.

The city and the businesses that reside in it are excited to welcome hundreds of designers, researchers, scientists, industry experts and policy makers to share experiences, solutions and ideas for helping to create a better future.

Aarhus is a powerful example of what an active and healthy society has the potential to achieve with the right support, collaboration, initiatives and ambition. It is a city driven by the happiness of its health system, making it the perfect host for the AAL Forum 2019.

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