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AAL to present at the 10th WDA Forum in St. Gallen

AAL to present at the 10th WDA Forum in St. Gallen

The composition of the world’s population is changing fast. The megatrend of demographic change is the most critical to face our planet this century. The AAL Programme exists to help provide solutions to the challenges that this change presents.

This year St. Gallen will be hosting, as well as the AAL Forum, the 10th World Demographic and Ageing (WDA) Forum. The conference will outline the many factors that will significantly influence the ongoing and irreversible changes to the global population dynamics of the 21st century. Leading experts from across the globe will be debating and sharing pressing topics such as migration, low-interest environment, economic innovations in mobility, communication, employment, and productivity gains for future competitiveness.

Both the WDA and AAL Forums share many similar values and ambitions, as well as a host city. As such, the AAL Forum will be represented at the WDA Forum this year, which takes place on August 29-31. Expect there to be a range of academics, business leaders, politicians and engaged members of the civil society discussing the different global, regional as well as local dimensions of demographic trends and their implications for the future.

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