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AAL FORUM Stand Award Prize 2018

After its success at last year’s AAL Forum, 2018 will see the return of the prestigious Stand Award Prize, where forum exhibitors are asked to promote their stand to end-users in the AAL community, reinforcing the programme’s commitment to involve its target market and engage with it at every opportunity.

This entertainment is open to all registered exhibitors (though it’s not compulsory).

The competition sees each exhibitor present its product or service, in no longer than seven minutes, to a jury composed of elderly people, who will assess what they see and hear on the following criteria:

– Does it meet the needs of end-users?

– How it supports active ageing

– Its design attractiveness

– Its usability

On the second day of the AAL Forum, there will be approximately 15 end users in the jury which will be composed of seven elderly people from the Council of Elderly People of Biscay and between five and seven 60+ year olds who represent different sectors of the Biscay socio-economic ecosystem.

They will be escorted around the exhibition with the assistance of the organisers (to help with translation), to evaluate and mark the presentations using a questionnaire that will record their thoughts on each stand’s product or service. A winner will then be selected.

The jury will also be invited to attend and participate in the closing ceremony on the 26 September in which the winner of the Stand Award Prize will be announced to the whole AAL community.

As always, this is set to be yet another exciting opportunity for exhibitors to promote their services and products to a highly relevant and enthusiastic audience, while it also provides them with the chance to show off their successes, adding a touch of friendly competitiveness into the mix over the two days as well.

For your chance to win appraisal in the AAL community and a FREE STAND at the AAL Forum 2019, simply register as an exhibitor and you will be automatically entered – all you then have to do is prepare a user-focused presentation. The winner will also be included in the Executive Summary of the event, which is published soon after it ends.

Complete details on the format and evaluation method will be released shortly.

If you are an exhibitor and do not wish to participate in the award, simply send an email to Congress Secretariat at exhibitors.aalforum.silverweek@eventia.es with the subject, ‘Withdraw <#registration> to Stand Award 2018’.

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