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Matchmaking at AAL Forum – Bilbao

For 2018, the AAL Forum will once again be featuring a matchmaking service to give you the chance to make even more valuable connections with fellow delegates.

The matchmaking service helps organize informal meetings between participants throughout the duration of the forum, allowing you the opportunity to find quiet space and time to meet potential business and cooperation partners.

Why not get involved to have your chance to strike up real collaborations across borders with those who share your common goals.

Sound interesting? Here’s why we think you might want to use this service:

  • Deployers and suppliers can meet to create opportunities to get highly innovative AAL solutions out to those who need them
  • Companies seeking external funding can meet with investors to discuss potential business opportunities
  • Researchers active in the AAL field can build quality partnerships for participating in cross-border, international projects and facilitate the set-up of project consortia for upcoming calls.
  • It will give you opportunities to discuss and develop new project ideas and solutions for active and healthy ageing at international level, and promote research results, technologies and know-how.

How to take part

The AAL Forum 2018 matchmaking service will be coordinated through the ‘AAL Forum 2018’ app, which can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store or on Google Play via the QR code shown here.

ITUNES APP HERE! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/aal-forum-2018/id1434771193?mt=8

GOOGLE PLAY APP HERE! https://play.google.com/store/search?q=aalforum2018

Once you’ve downloaded the app, prepare your profile and make it available in the “Matchmaking” area by entering your code of registration or email address.

  • You will then be able to check other delegates’ profiles and see who is available to meet. You can chat with people using the app before arranging a meeting.
  • You can also see a list of everyone who signed up to the matchmaking prior to the forum as aalforum.eu/matchmaking
  • Once you decide you want to arrange a meeting with someone, you can schedule a meeting with them on the app. There will be a dedicated area in the exhibition hall that you will be able to use to arrange these meetings.

Remember to register for the AAL Forum 2018. Click here!