September 11, 2018

How design can positively impact on active and healthy ageing? – Interview Jeremy Myerson

On a two-year tour around the globe, an exhibition is currently asking the question: how can designers meet the challenge of a rapidly ageing society? Science is advancing in how it understands the onset of ageing and chronic disease, while technology is stealing the limelight in extending our happy and healthy years for longer. But what does design have to complement these two and what can it offer that our ageing population needs? This new exhibition, New Old: Designing for our future selves, is answering the question of how we can transform the experience of ageing. That answer is seemingly simple – we need to be sensitive – and evidently a touch of sensitivity can go a long way, if...
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The Euskalduna Conference Centre, symbol of Bilbao’s industrial regeneration

With just a short time to go to the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Euskalduna Conference Centre (the venue of the forthcoming AAL Forum 2018), Bilbao’s modern and versatile conference centre and concert hall has undeniably become one of the flagships of the transformation process of the capital of Bizkaia and one of the symbols of the new contemporary architecture that has  turned Bilbao into one of Europe’s most avant-garde cities The Euskalduna Conference Centre –named as the World’s Best Congress Centre in 2003– owes its name to the fact that it was built on the very land that had been home to the Euskalduna shipyards for over a century. The design of the centre (by the architects...
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