September 2018


Who’s exhibiting at the AAL Forum exhibition…so far? As the days are ticking by with less than a month until the 2018 AAL Forum gets underway, we are starting to take a look at some of the exhibitors already getting ready to meet, greet and share with you their expertise, product, project or experience in the field of healthy ageing. Every year the AAL Forum is excited to host the AAL Exhibition, where specific AAL projects can present their research, technological advances or even allow delegates hands-on demonstrations with their final products. The exhibition hall is also open to any businesses, industry experts or investors in the field that are interested in discovering what the AAL ecosystem has to offer...
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AAL FORUM Stand Award Prize 2018

After its success at last year’s AAL Forum, 2018 will see the return of the prestigious Stand Award Prize, where forum exhibitors are asked to promote their stand to end-users in the AAL community, reinforcing the programme’s commitment to involve its target market and engage with it at every opportunity. This entertainment is open to all registered exhibitors (though it’s not compulsory). The competition sees each exhibitor present its product or service, in no longer than seven minutes, to a jury composed of elderly people, who will assess what they see and hear on the following criteria: – Does it meet the needs of end-users? – How it supports active ageing – Its design attractiveness – Its usability On the...
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AAL FORUM EXHIBITORS – Cogvis software und consulting GmbH – EXHIBITOR Nº4

Cogvis, known for their expertise in intelligent analysis of 3D data and images, developing and selling innovative AAL solutions to help older adults live healthier more independent lives, will be exhibiting the project EnterTrain at the 2018 AAL Forum.  EnterTrain, driven by its name as an entertaining product that enhances the independence of older adults through motivational physical training, is an exciting gaming platform with some very interesting body movement games which you will be allowed you to test at this year’s forum. This new technology detects movement, assesses individual mobility and is personalised so users can have fun gaming, and inconspicuously training, at home. Cogvis, originally founded as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), have...
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The quality of life of older people in Bizkaia, as an example at the AAL Forum 2018

Bizkaia –the host territory of the upcoming AAL Forum 2018 which will be held between 24 and 26 September- is a clear example of healthy living for older persons and of how the involvement of the different public authorities and social stakeholders may foster the application of public-private strategies to extend the active life of older persons and prevent/delay dependency in that segment. Certainly, Bizkaia has firsthand experience of the reversal of the population pyramid that is already affecting western societies (and hitting European societies harder). At present, one out of every 5 of the province’s inhabitants (i.e., around 240,000 people) are over 65 years old. Furthermore, the majority of Bizkaia citizens can aspire to live to over 80, according...
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AAL FORUM Exhibitor – 2PCS Solutions Gmbh – Exhibitor Nº3

Joining the AAL Forum exhibition once again will be 2PCS Solutions Gmbh, winner of the 2017 AAL Forum Stand Award Prize. This Austrian start-up was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to finding new ways of providing safety and managing alerts through technological design. 2PCS products are designed so they can be used in various different living and care settings, including inpatient as well as ambulatory care. What makes the 2PCS solution distinctive is that it consists of individual pieces that can be unified holistically into one system, which can react in an efficient way to save time, cost and disburden caregivers and relatives.  Some of the products that 2PCS will be exhibiting at this year’s forum include: 2PCS Safety...
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AAL FORUM Exhibitors – Canadian Institute of Health Research & AGE-WELL – Exhibitor Nº5

All the way from Canada, the AAL Forum will be welcoming the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and Age-Well. The CIHR is Canada’s federal funding agency for health research and together with Age-Well their goal is to create communities and innovations that support healthy ageing through eHealth technologies.   The CIHR eHealth initiative and the CIHR’s eHealth Innovations Partnership Program (eHIPP) intend to stimulate the design, testing, evaluation and spread of evidence-based eHealth solutions that are fully grounded in the needs of patients. Through ‘innovation communities’ eHIPP hopes to bring together a scientific and a clinical lead, a decision-maker to support and up-scale solutions, patient/family representation, end-user engagement and health technology industries. Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to...
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