June 6, 2017


Get ready for three fantastic days at the AAL Forum 2017! Every year, the European community of Active and Assisted Living gathers during the AAL Forum to discuss how to design, use and commercialise information and communication technology solutions to help older adults to live well and independently.   This year’s event marks the eighth edition of the conference, and it will take place in the historical and beautiful town of Coimbra, in Portugal, between 2 and 4 October 2017. The organising committee designed yet another great programme to stimulate discussion and foster collaboration among the different stakeholders and individuals.   Read the Programme here   The event will kick off on Monday 1st October with an Opening Ceremony that...
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Inside the Forum

Does the Robot Care? Perspectives on the Acceptance of Social Robots in Healthcare   There are several examples of innovative robots in care. However, their actual use in the domains medical care and care for the elderly is scarce. Is this still due to technological problems – or do humans simply prefer care from fellow humans? What if these care robots were social robots, able to recognise a patient’s emotions, responding properly to a depressed or cheerful patient? And is such a response be ethically desirable – or is it unethical to make a machine simulate human understanding? In order to answer this questions, this workshop will be divided into 3 main folds: discussion on best practices for social robotics,...
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