Plenary 2: AAL: A growing community of change makers


Europe still faces significant challenges for digital solutions to fulfil their potential in contributing to the “triple win” of improving the quality of life of older people, sustaining our health and care systems and strengthening the respective European industrial base.

In this plenary we want to highlight the importance of eco-systems within regulated health & care markets as well as in the growing consumer-driven ‘silver economy’ as key enablers for deploying and upscaling digital solutions.  

Increased collaboration between the various stakeholders will be required to transform existing regional and national networks into viable, practice-focused eco-systems around Europe. The moderator will support the panelists in bringing to light the crucial role of each stakeholder and how they are interconnected. In this respect, we aim to pay particular attention to the role of large companies and of local authorities.

Expected outcome:

  1. Provide a clear end-user focus and perspective for innovation in active & healthy ageing to deliver digital solutions, which make an actual difference in older adults’ lives;
  2. Understand industry’s role and positioning in this domain and how to get them involved

Highlighting the crucial role of regional and municipal authorities in active & healthy ageing and in the related emerging eco-systems


Municipal Authorities:

  • Mr. Ivan Kjær Lauridsen – Head of health and assisted living technologies, Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark
  • Mr. Sergio Murillo Corzo – General manager for personal autonomy promotion at Bizkaia Regional Council


  • Mrs. Cristina Bescos – Philips health care

End Users:

  • Mr. Ton Koper – powerAge, Switzerland
  • Mrs. Ana Ramovš – MD from the Antona Trstenjak Institute of Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations in Ljubljana, Slovenia