About Bilbao & Biscay

The main event about the elderly, innovation and technology has all its meaning for it to take place in Bilbao, Biscay (Basque Country). Firstly, since we are one of the oldest societies in the world. Secondly, because we are a reference in technology and innovation applied to the elderly, and we the AAL FORUM 2018 will be the right showcase for our technological advances.

And thirdly, the Biscay county council Strategy on social and territorial cohesion promotes the Deployment of the territory for all ages:

We want to make Biscay a region recognized as an excellent Territory to grow old”.

In fact, Biscay is becoming a reference region in Southern Europe to develop, test, validate and manufacture innovative products and services aimed at aging and well-being.

What are the bulletproof tests that Biscay can offer to the Silver Economy sector?

  • A solid industrial base, a sector of high added value and precision.
  • A small health system (in size) but very internationally recognized.
  • A history of collaboration between industry, universities, and public administrations.

And what do Bilbao and Biscay offer to the ecosystem of the European Silver Economy sector?

  • A potential market for testing solutions.
  • Large (in relative terms) due to the demographic situation.
  • Articulated, thanks to the unique associative ecosystem.

A close, agile and key public authority with key competencies to put them at the service of this strategy:

  • Fiscal capacity.
  • More than 15,000 caregivers
  • Dependency services network.
  • Connection with the Terciary Sector.

About Bilbao

Bilbao is the new modern face of the Basque Country. The city has been able to successfully mix traditional Basque culture with a new vision for the future. It is an absolute must for design and culture lovers. We also love that Bilbao is surrounded by green hills and is within close proximity to the coast. 

Bilbao is the beating heart of the Basque Country and its largest city. It is the most cosmopolitan of the cities in the region and is constantly evolving. Bilbao ballooned in population during industrialization and prospered through steel production, shipping, ship building and banking. However, by the 1970’s the city had developed into a gray smokestack and a serious economic crisis had arrived. A new plan was devised and Bilbao started its journey of rebirth. Old industrial complexes along the river Nervión were torn down and new projects to improve infrastructure and the overall growth of the city were started. Bilbao now boasts having the Guggenheim Museum designed by architect Frank Gehry, a timeless Metro system designed by Sir Norman Foster, an airport from Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and a community center (Alhondiga) designed by Philippe Starck. The list goes on and on.

Today, Bilbao is sophisticated and humming with action. But at the same time is relatively stress-free. It is a great city to check out and it has a lot to offer visitors. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s savory Basque cuisine, Basque culture, shopping, nightlife, etc., you will find it here.