AAL2Business Workshop

WORKSHOP: How to build a viable business model in an AAL project

Improve your chances for successful commercialisation through business model experimentation and validation

Register now for the free workshop, taking place immediately before the start of the AAL Forum 2017. 


New business development principles (e.g. business model design, lean startup, and customer development) are radically changing the way in which R&D is transformed into commercial success stories. The key issues in this new kind of business development are rapid iterative business model design and validation.

Do you want to find out how AAL projects can apply these new principles to rapidly design and test business models and value propositions that are viable in future AAL markets? Do you want to learn how to work out whether your project is steering in the right direction? Then take part in this free workshop, organised by the AAL2Business Support Action.

WHEN:       Monday 2nd October at 11:00-17:00

WHERE:       Coimbra, Portugal (venue to be confirmed)

PRICE:       Free (accommodation and travel costs will not be reimbursed)


Those who are interested in learning and discussing how business models can be designed and their viability validated within the framework of AAL projects.

NOTE! Participant’s organisation must be or must have been participating in a project under AAL Program! (Calls 1-6 or Call 2014-2016)


  • You will receive training on how to build business models with highly iterative methods
  • You will learn how to validate business models and value propositions in small groups together with business experts, who will provide support and mentoring during the workshop
  • You will share challenges and best practices in business development.


  • I have several years of experience in business modelling, but I must admit I learned interesting stuff with the lean start-up approach
  • I’m coordinating a Horizon 2020 project and I’m using the Canvas for the business model definition. I decided to use it after participating in the workshop.
  • Best in the workshop was to find out the methodology to develop value propositions according to the customer segment of interest. To understand that the customer segments don’t necessarily have interest for the same value propositions. So the value proposition canvas was a novelty for me and my company.
  • Method of Lean Startup with hypotheses and Testcards. The method is very easy to use on the field and learn much about the business model that we develop.
  • We liked very much working in the small groups and working on a real project data.
  • Active participation of participants was amazing. I think preparation of the coach and engaging the participants are critical.
  • Simple, well established practical tools.


11:00 Introduction of participants (with a cup of coffee)

11:15 Commercialisation in AAL projects – Marco Carulli AAL CMU
11:30 Crash course to business model design: Covering the basics of business model design in order to give a basic understanding to all participants
11:50 Introduction of case(s) for business development
12:00 Hands-on work in small groups (all participants) : Designing a business model prototype for the case company (to be tested after lunch)
13:00 Lunch and networking
14:00 Introduction to business model validation – How you can test if your business model is viable?
14:15 Hands-on work in small groups (All participants): learning how to iteratively validate the business model of the case company
16:00 Lessons learned from group work, sharing experiences (all): Discussion about challenges and best practices of business model validation in AAL projects
16:15 Conclusions (facilitator and CMU): Conclusions related to day’s activities 
16:30 Free networking