AAL Forum 2016

Ageing well with technology – Innovations ready for breakthrough

This year’s forum features six thematic tracks, each of which will have interactive workshops and sessions running throughout the event. There are also several keynote plenary sessions with influential speakers addressing the delegates about active ageing. The focus for all sessions will be on their interactivity, with active participation by all delegates encouraged. The forum will also be the place to meet possible collaborators, with matchmaking sessions taking place throughout the event, and poster sessions providing opportunities to discuss research face-to-face. Finally, throughout the duration of the forum there will be an exhibition of the latest active and smart ageing technology, with delegates able to test and interact with the most promising inventions designed for older adults.

As well as the activities of the main forum, there will be a couple of side events: the Hack for Ageing Well (a two-day hackathon where participants will team up to design and prototype usable, robust and beneficial solutions for supporting people in their later years of life) and the AAL2 Business Solution Deployment Seminaran exciting opportunity to gain real insight into what market readiness for AAL solutions actually means.

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