Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibition

Ageing better

Photographic exhibition
Bucharest, 9-12 September 2014


The AAL Forum is not just about ICT, projects and future deployments. We are also strongly focused on the human dimension and we are designing new spaces for innovation at the Forum 2014.

That is why we decided to launch a photo competition entitled “Ageing better,” which is going to be featured in our website and then showcased during the AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest between 9-12 September.

This competition is open to the AAL JP projects able to picture the change of ageing process that we all experience nowadays and the solution they are proposing in a graphic and interpellant way. We believe art is a great vehicle of emotions and inspirations and we would like you to get involved in this new feature of the Forum.

Do you participate in an AAL project and you want to show the reality of your work with the older adults? Or when testing solutions? Or again in your emotional moments in contact with the older adults? Send in your image by filling the form below until 1June 2014.

Be noted that there will be a preliminary selection by the AAL Association. The best image will be voted by the attendees of the Forum in Bucharest through a voting drop box.

The winner will be awarded during the final plenary of the Forum on 11 September. The author of the winning photo will receive 500 Euros and the picture will become one of the branding images of the AAL Programme.