Track A

Track A – Autonomy, choice and control

Autonomy, choice and control – AAL solutions impact on individuals – autonomy and ability to choose how to spend their days and live their lives.

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This track is intended to reflect the (potential) impact of AAL solutions on individuals in terms of autonomy and of choice how to spend their days and live their lives. Important issues are social inclusion, both in terms of prevention of loneliness and participation in the e-service society, as well as physical mobility. Attention will also be given to the autonomy aspects when living with one or several chronic conditions. A specific session will be devoted to the impact of ICT based solutions on informal carers, such as partners (often seniors themselves) and family.

A1: Neurodegenerative diseases & dementia – AAL & JPND: Partnering to meet the needs
In this session we will present information about the JPND, give an overview of relevant AAL solutions, showcase some projects and discuss their potential impact as well as the way forward.
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A2: The impact of ICT based social interaction on the quality of life of older adults
In this session we will present examples and experiences of older adults with ICT based social interaction and discuss the impact that e-contact has on their quality of life.
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A3: Participation in the e-service society
This session focuses on the potential impact that innovative ICT based solutions have on the improvement of older adults’ access to, acceptance, trust and use of e-services, taking into account the user interfaces and usability of devices and solutions, as well as the customization to their needs and wishes.
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A4: Living with Chronic Conditions
This session will present the potential impact that innovative ICT based solutions have on enhancing the quality of life and the empowerment of older adults with chronic conditions by allowing them to play an active role in their health care.
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A5: ICT for independence & wellbeing of informal carers
In this session research results and ICT based solutions will be presented and discussed from the perspective of (potential) impact on the independence and wellbeing of informal carers.
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A6: Supporting mobility of older adults by ICT
The aim of this session is to present in which way ICT-based solutions can significantly foster and improve indoor and outdoor mobility of older persons, including those psychological aspects associated to its sustainability.
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