Session B3

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Session  B3

Working Title:

How Can End-users Inform the Development of the Business Plan of a Project?




14.30 – 16.00


Pekka Kahri, Tekes, Finland


Sabine Wildevuur, WAAG Society, The Netherlands & Thomas Hammer-Jacobsen, Copenhagen, Danmark

Luca Morganti, Fimi Barco , Italy

Victor H Hernandez Ingelmo, FASS Junta de Andalucia, Spain



Session Content


End-users could play a crucial role in the development of business plans in the field of social interaction. As customers of new services, they will have highly valuable input to provide in the following areas:

  • what is needed,
  • who would use a specific solution,
  • who would or could pay for it,
  • what changes it might bring  in the network of the end-user, etc.

This resource has not been recognized fully in the past in addressing the following questions:

  • How can end-users and business partners cooperate in a productive way?
  • What kind of information can or should be delivered by end-users?
  • How can that information be communicated between end user and business most effectively?
  • What methods have proved to be successful?

These and other questions regarding the potential of end-use involvement for shaping business plans will be in the focus of this session.