Dear EIP on AHA members,

We are pleased to invite you to the first time ever jointly organised AAL Forum and EIP on AHA Conference of Partners 2019!

Aarhus will become the meeting place for three days for two vibrant, active and innovative communities to network, partner and debate about the future of ageing and care in the digital transformation context post-2020.

Be part of this milestone event in the history of the EIP on AHA and get engaged in inspiring dialogues with AAL members and our EIP on AHA community.

The AAL Forum and 2019 Conference of Partners joint event

The three-day conference offers you the opportunity to

ENGAGE: This joint event marks a strategically important step in shaping the future of large-scale innovation and transformation of health and care in a digital and ageing society post-2020.

The plenary session with high-level representatives from the European Commission and the two initiatives will focus on how to create inclusive smart societies that can successfully cope with demographic change by mobilising actors throughout the whole value chain.

EXCHANGE: Joint sessions between AAL and EIP on AHA members will be organised around the EIP on AHA horizontal initiatives: digital transformation roadmap (Blueprint), commercialisation of digitally enabled solutions (I2M) and impact assessment (MAFEIP).

EXHIBIT: EIP on AHA partners can exhibit their technological products that facilitate the care of older adults and enable home care the longest possible.

NETWORK: The conference will offer the opportunity to meet thinkers, shapers and doers, investors, policy makers, care providers, professionals in one place to build valuable partnerships for future activities.

CELEBRATE: The closing session on the 25 of September will host the award ceremony of the new EIP on AHA Reference Sites.

To register for EIP on AHA CoP 2019 you will have to pre-register using a European Commission application form and you will receive a free ticket voucher or a discount for the AAL Forum.

What is the EIP on AHA Conference of Partners?

The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) provides an important opportunity to shape the future of active and healthy ageing in Europe. It has always been the place to transform and innovate around health and care in Europe. With its many assets, it has contributed to the transformation and innovation of European health and care.

The Conference of Partners (CoP) has always been a major date in the EIP on AHA’s yearly diary. The CoP does what it says in its name: it is a regular conference that brings together all the EIP on AHA partners to discuss achievements and plan for the future.

The 2019 call for Reference Sites

Reference Sites (RS) are one of the major strands of the EIP on AHA. RS are inspirational ecosystems, delivering creative and workable solutions that improve the lives and health of older people. They are regions/cities, integrated hospitals, universities, companies and civil society organisations in a consortium that focus on a comprehensive, innovation-based approach to active and healthy ageing. The strength of this community is the learning from each other that allows the improvement of their own regional systems, exchange thanks to special schemes and networking.

In June 2019, a new call for RS was launched requesting the existing RS to re-confirm their interest in the status and offering the opportunity to new candidates to apply for it.

The 2019 Reference Sites awards ceremony

The successful new RS will be publicly awarded on the 25 of September at the joint AAL Forum – EIP on AHA Conference of Partners 2019 in Aarhus.
Share in the celebration of the 70+ Reference Sites that have joined together to commit themselves to action on digital transformation in active and healthy ageing in Europe. This championing of Reference Sites brings the entire programme to a successful close.

EIP on AHA Action groups are meeting on the day before the conference starts

Remember to come to Aarhus early! Meet with the EIP on AHA action groups on the afternoon of Monday 23rd September 2019 between 2pm-6pm. All the meetings are carefully organised so that you can get to more than one action group.

The new Action Group call for commitments will be launched just after the CoP2019

The Action Groups (AG) are the other major strands of the EIP on AHA, together with the Reference Sites. They are thematic groups around six specific areas

  • Adherence to treatment (A1)
  • Fall prevention (A2)
  • Health promotion and prevention (A3)
  • Integrated care (B3)
  • Independent living solutions (C2)
  • Age-friendly environments (D4)

The AGs include researchers, professionals, carers, companies, user organisations, authorities, etc who enter the group by submitting a commitment. All the Action Groups defined their Action Plans for the period 2018-2020 outlining their objectives, activities and desired impacts. All AG Action Plans respond to the priorities of the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market communication by the European Commission.

It is highly important to align the AG objectives and the regional priorities of the RS, therefore the activities of the two strands of the EIP on AHA. This is why all interested actors from the newly awarded RS and all key AHA players around Europe will be invited to submit their commitments just after the Conference of Partners.

Jointly organised workshops

Attend four dedicated workshops, jointly organised between the EIP on AHA and the AAL.