Social programme

Social events during the Forum 2019 – for free

Run, swim and learn about digital Danish culture at AAL Forum 2019.

Joining the AAL Forum 2019 in Aarhus you get the chance to come closer to Danish culture.

  • How do Danish seniors use their devises?
  • Are you curious to know and do sightseeing in Aarhus from your running shoes?
  • Want to understand the power of Aarhus’ senior volunteers?
  • Or how about a morning swim in the city harbor before the forum program kicks off?

In Aarhus, we want to show how the city gives it’s citizens the opportunity to live an active and healthy life and be part of a social society.

These social activities are driven by senior volunteers who have left the labor force.

A. Guided morning exercise and run
A jogging tour for ½ hour with a volunteer senior runner, who will guide you  around and tell you about the city. The jogging tour will take place in smaller  groups. The senior will show you how he uses his digital devise.

B. Dinner with the end-users
This event offers you dinner with a Danish family. You get the opportunity to talk to seniors about how they live with digital solutions.
Price: Free but bring a small gift from your home country.
Please note: There is a maximum of two participants per family.

C. Swimming in Aarhus Harbor
We offer a swim with senior “Viking” volunteers in the sea in the harbor swimming facility. The hosts join the participants to the swimming facility