Workshop 7

Implementation of assisted living technology in elder care in Aarhus

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 9:45-10:30
Room: 11 + 12

Assuming that technologies available for caregivers and the elderly will mean that these technologies get used is inaccurate, but how do we ensure that assisted living technologies are implemented and then used to their full potential?

In the municipality of Aarhus, we have a history spanning 10 years of implementing technologies in care homes, homes of the elderly and impaired citizens. This experience has resulted in a specific process in place, including organisation, practice and other tools, to ensure the implementation of such products and services and ensure the optimal use of these technologies in elder care.

This workshop, led by Louise Koppel and Susanne Riiser, implementation consultants in the municipality of Aarhus, will present this method based on both experience and theory (the Aarhus method for implementing assisted living technologies in elder care) and invite participants in a dialogue to reflect on how to transfer elements of this successful method into their own technology. Participants can also expect to hear different views and perspectives on the difficult process of implementing assisted living technology to its full potential.

Susanne Riiser (Implementation Consultant, Center For Assisted Living Technology, Aarhus Municipality)
Louise Kofoed Koppel (Implementation Consultant, Center For Assisted Living Technology, Aarhus Municipality)