Workshop 6

Implementing a new technological workflow in socio-educational work

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 9:00-9:45
Room: 11

The Center of Supported Housing in Aarhus has gained experience implementing a new technological workflow in socio-educational work through the ongoing application process with virtual in-house support (support via video calls).

The workshop will look to share their experience in implementing virtual supported housing in a way that allows participants to understand the factors and challenges of a new technology.

An initial presentation will discuss the value of the citizen before participants will be invited to actively interact in practical exercises, thinking about:

  • how do we reach when we get new tools in our hands?
  • What happens if we are no longer the best and the brightest and if our tools are handled better by the citizens?
  • Which challenges do we meet when our socio-educational work is moved from a physical to a virtual space?

At the end of the session, we will reflect on:

  • the organizational and economic parameters as prerequisites for successful implementation,
  • the need for development of qualifications,
  • the importance of management focus,
  • the long-term outcome perspectives when investing in new technological solutions.


Louise Baastrup Hansen (Project Manager, Center for Supported Housing, City of Aarhus)
Tine Dynæs Juhl (Development Consultant, Department of Social Services and Employment, City of Aarhus)