Workshop 5

A quick guide to IoT: opportunities and barriers for the implementation of IoT projects

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 9:45-10:30
Room: 1

The main objective of this workshop is to demystify IoT projects in understanding what is going on behind the often shiny exterior of what technologies can do.

In an environment of ‘realism meets optimism’ the workshop will aim to identify practical obstacles and how to overcome them, which will be based on insights from industry professionals, real cases, as well as inputs from the participants.

Participants can expect to come away with a map of some AAL Iot-enabled projects across Europe and a list of barriers and ways of overcoming these for implementation within their own projects.


Soren Jensen (CEO, Heveas ApS)
Mirvat Sayed (IoT Sales Specialist, TDC A/S) 
Flávia Arantes (CEO, Inventive Planet Lda)