Workshop 4

The Compaan tablet, a successful example of eHealth implementation

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 9:00-9:45
Room: 1

Can technology help people become less lonely? Yes, is the answer!

In Velsen, a small city in the Netherlands, 60 non-digital older adults received a Compaan, this is a tablet especially for seniors to strengthen their social network. The results were impressive. After six months, loneliness reduced from 85 per cent to just 25 per cent, and what is more, 64 per cent of users developed a more extensive social network both on and offline. This project sets an example of how other similar projects can achieve success in the Netherlands.

The workshop will be led by Ton Baakman, project manager, and Joost Hermanns, founder of Compaan who will talk about the processes they went through establishing the project, their objectives, the achieved results and what they mean, and finally their learnings.

This workshop is aimed at people who are active in the social domain, civil servants and representatives of professional caregivers and provide insight in the do’s and don’ts of successful e-health implementation.


 Joost Hermans (Compaan)
Ton Baakman (ViVa! Zorggroep)