Workshop 32


7th Workshop on Mobility Solutions: Autonomous Vehicles

Theme 2
Wednesday 25 September 16:00-17:30
Room: Dania

Mobility is a key ability for senior citizens to actively participate in social life. Diminished physical and cognitive abilities can cause a loss of confidence and orientation in outdoor situations, so that elderly persons often prefer to stay at home. This workshop series started in the context of the 4th call of the AAL Programme that targeted solutions for advancement of older person’s mobility and remained relevant and attractive to a broad audience at the AAL Forum. In Bilbao 2018, findings of previous workshops were summarized and discussed with the participants about the elements of mobility ecosystems: which solutions exist, and which abilities and competences are required to use them?

This session will give an introduction into the state of art in autonomous vehicles from the perspective of the invited speakers and their past and current research. The potential advantages of such systems will then be discussed, together with questions of user acceptance considering the perspective of elderly users, and the integration of autonomous vehicles in a multi-modal mobility ecosystem.


Christian Mandel (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

Thibaud Latour (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)