Workshop 31

Computer games for seniors and their relatives: A playful approach to social well-being

Theme 2
Wednesday 25 September 16:00-17:30
Room: 11

Playing games with elderly people can be fun. It can facilitate communication between people belonging to different generations. In this way digital games can enhance social inclusion, prevent loneliness as well as give caretakers, relatives and volunteers a tool that can be used to spend some entertaining time together.

But many existing games are not suitable for elderly people. They are too finely grained, too fast or just too complex. More importantly, there is no game that suits everyone. Individual preferences, physical limitations and mental capabilities influence the type of games people prefer to play.

In this workshop you will be part of a small group that will conceptualize a new computer game that is appealing to older people yet fun for younger ones. All work will be done on paper. Therefore, there are no prerequisite skills needed for participation. We aim to attract people from as many disciplines, nationalities and age groups as possible.

Since game design is a highly interdisciplinary task, we believe that everyone can profit. Ideally you will gain a new perspective on a topic you are already an expert in.

For more information see:

Marco Soldati and Markus Recher (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)