Workshop 26

Selection, testing and implementation of welfare technology in Copenhagen 

Theme 1
Wednesday 25 September 14:45-15:30
Room: Nortvegia

The workshop enables participants to learn more about the City of Copenhagen’s experiences with selection, testing and implementing sensors and transfer technologies. You will get new perspectives about involving employees and citizens in the test and development process. We will discuss the difference between technology-driven and need-driven process. And you will learn more about how we implement technologies in a large scale.

In the Health and Care Administration in the City of Copenhagen we follow different systematic processes when we select, test and implement welfare technologies. Companies present to us technologies from which we select those that match the needs experienced every day in nursing homes, home care and rehabilitation centers.

From this selection we test welfare technologies in our Living Labs where we have easy access to employees and citizens making it ideal for quick initial tests. For us this means welfare technology can be tested on all types of operating units, depending on where they are to be implemented.

Lastly, to implement technology we have developed a systematic approach we use when we implement in a larger scale.  We believe the implementation stage must be prioritized if we are to ensure that welfare technology is used by employees and citizens.

Download infographic (in Danish): Implementation model

Download infographic (in Danish): Welfare technology process


  • Maria Trangbæk Ahrensburg (Consultant),
  • Thit Fredens (Consultant)
  • Christian Wittenkamp Hansen (Consultant), City of Copenhagen