Workshop 25

Early adoption and implementation through collaboration and testing 

Theme 1
Wednesday 25 September 14:00-14:45
Room: Nortvegia

Successful implementation is a give-and-take game which is most effectively resolved through structure collaboration and dialogue. However, both public organisations and private companies are extremely busy, leaving time a most valued resource.

For this reason, we believe collaborations should start in the easiest and cheapest way possible.

Due to no external funding, the Test and Development Center for Welfare Technology in Viborg, Denmark, bases collaboration on self-interest with the objective of ensuring a pay-off for both the company and public organization at the first, and possibly last, meeting.

Purpose of the workshop

For the purpose of the workshop, participants will learn how the partners behind the Test and Development Center are working to gather insights into the methods applied, and results of the collaboration will be presented. Participants can hope to gain knowledge on getting connected to the public sector within health and welfare quick and easy.


  • Peter Wiborg Astrup (Center Manager, Test and Development Center for Welfare Technology)
  • Mette Andreassen (Director, Social Affairs, Health and Care, Viborg Municipality)¬†