Workshop 23

Digital FrontRunners – Mindset and Skillset in the new digital reality 

Theme 1
Wednesday 25 September 14:00-15:30
Room: Suecia

Managers, leaders and employees at all levels from the Department of Employment and Social Affairs in the City of Aarhus have met in a crosspollination project. The aim is to gain new insights and knowledge required in connection with the use and implementation of new technologies and smart solutions.

Digitalization and introduction of new technologies offer new opportunities – but also new challenges.

The 50 participants in this action-learning “course” engaged in five future-salons and an intermediate assignment –  first their own digital Future CV and afterwards a digital Future CV of their team. They have been guided through presentations and reflection exercises to reach a better understanding of the interplay between skillset and mindset required in a modern digital city.

The aim is that this combination should end up being utilized as a platform for the future development of digital efforts and requirements to mindset and qualifications in the City of Aarhus.

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Development consultants Anni Skovby and Hanne Marklund (Department of Social Services, City of Aarhus)

Anni Skovby

Anni Skovby

Hanne Marklund

Hanne Marklund