Workshop 21

Designing a successful AAL implementation roadmap: a design approach to maximise adoption of your AAL solution 

Theme 1
Wednesday 25 September 9:00-10:30
Room: 4

New AAL concepts are evaluated with users resulting in solutions that properly address the real needs of older adults. Though this participatory design methodology is valuable in the adoption of solutions and services and often highlights end user acceptance of these innovations, it is no guarantee for adoption or commercial success, which tends to remain low.


This workshop aims to provide participants with a better understanding of design theory and to provide hands-on experience in how to design a getting-to-market roadmap for their own AAL product or service. This will be approached as a macro-level design challenge. The underlying question being:

what can be learnt from design theory in developing the getting-to-market strategy?

Both workshop organisers have a background in industrial design engineering and have been involved in eight AAL projects. They argue that in getting other AAL products to market the road-to-market should not only consider ehealth innovations in isolation but ehealth as part of a bigger ecosystem of products that are used simultaneously and ask, how can we optimally address the needs of all stakeholders when implementing these innovations in real life (end users, care organisations, authorities and companies)? Martijn Vastenburg Martijn Vastenburg (ConnectedCare) Priscilla Esser Priscilla Esser (ConnectedCare)