Workshop 2

Public R&D funding instruments and market uptake

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 9:00-10:30
Room: Dania

You already know why public administrations get money from the pockets of taxpayers and invest it in industry and researchers to perform R&D and stimulate innovations. They expect to increase the added value of products and services, strengthen the EU market, and multiply the invested money for the sake of citizens’ wellbeing!

If you have ever thought, we should be getting more value for money! And if the words RIA, SME2, PPI or AAL Programme are not a code message to you, then you are the one to come to our workshop.

We welcome experienced people in using public R&D funding in the field of AHA, but only those determined to reach an impact with this money. Bring your most successful experience and also your complete disasters.

We want to learn and discuss about them to answer two things:

  • How can we get the most of each of these instruments? Is there any “market uptake by design”? What are the drivers for success?
  • How can we improve existing funding instruments to make them more efficient?

As a result we will jointly define concrete messages on how to reach an impact, to be shared by all of us!


Ilse Bierhoff (ConnectedCare)
Sofía Moreno Pérez (El Sitio de Valdelatarra S.L)
Ellen Steenmeijer (Virtask, Anne4Care, Netherlands)
Gerda Geyer (Programm-Managerin, FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency)
Ingrid Adriaensen (LiCalab in Belgium) 
Jose Angel Martín Usero (Responsible for European Projects at Funka, Sweden)
Geja Langerveld (Programme Manager, Active & Assisted Living (AAL), ZonMw, The Netherlands)