Workshop 17

How do we attract big private & public buyers to the AAL solutions? 

Theme 4
Wednesday 25 September 9:00-9:45
Room: Suecia

Looking at past AAL projects this workshop will discuss broadly the strengths and weaknesses of projects with particular attention paid to their commercial success and why they might not be attracting investment or clients in the form of public administrators, telecare and homecare agencies for example.

More has been done to work closely with older users and organisations to include their opinions, needs and interests in the co-creation of AAL products and services. However, we believe that more can still be one. Participants will actively be involved in helping answer some critical questions related to this topic, including:

– How do we improve the success of AAL projects in the market?
– Should startups be the natural leaders of the projects?
– What can we do with failed-in-market AAL projects, and how can we take advantage of them?
– Should we build a powerful and active ecosystem around the silver economy from the AAL Programme and how would we attract important external stakeholders to this ecosystem?
– Why natural investors of AAL solutions are often not in AAL and how can we engage with them in order to improve the market success of the whole AAL community?

Ana Luísa Jegundo (Project Manager, Innovation Department, Cáritas Coimbra)
MSc Simone Stückler (Project Manager, exthex GmbH)