Workshop 16

Mythbusters: Empowering people with dementia / VR-Glasses as an activity for citizens with dementia

Theme 1
Tuesday 24 September 16:00-17:30
Room: Dania

Many myths and false notions, fed by lack of knowledge, taboos and fear, surround dementia. Unfortunately, many caregivers, professionals and organisations even contribute to these myths and false notions and expectations.

In this session we would like to address some of the most common myths and change the perspective of our participants on what it means to have dementia and what people with dementia need to be able to participate in daily life.

We would like them to consider how we can support people with dementia and what should technology developers try to incorporate in their vision when they conceptualise new ideas?

The workshop will then take us to zoom in on the VR Glasses project for care-homes in Aarhus, Denmark. Ms. Louise Rønne Bengtson from the Municipality of Aarhus has developed 360-degree videos which are used as an activity for people with dementia. We will then be looking to ask participants their views on why this is a good activity, which videos work well for the different people with different types of dementia and what other prerequisites are important?

At the end of the workshop participants can assess their own idea or project following the principles set out by the experts in this workshop, leaving with a better understanding on how to optimise their own idea or project with inspiration from the VR Glasses project.


MSc. Eric Schlangen and Dolf Becx (De Mensch)
Louise Rønne Bengtson (Municipality of Aarhus)

Eric Schlangen and Dolf Becx

Eric Schlangen and Dolf Becx

Louise Rønne Bengtson

Louise Rønne Bengtson